Does Anyone Know How Many Illegal Aliens Are in America?

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One thing is for sure, the U.S. government has no clue how many illegal aliens are living here.  They can’t even tell you how many have overstayed their visas and that group are the people who brought down the Towers on 9/11.  But it’s only been 15 years.

The bottom line is that no one really knows.  There are a number of groups, other than the U.S. government, who study the issue and there really isn’t a consensus beyond “11 million” and that number is used because it’s big and it’s handy.


All the groups that make calculations on the number of illegal aliens currently in the U.S. use numbers from the Census Bureau as a base.  That’s a foundation of shifting sand.

[T]he instruction manual for [the Census Bureau’s] Current Population Survey canvassers states explicitly:

We do not ask for nativity data to identify illegal immigrants.

OK then.  The most widely quoted source for the 11 million is Pew Research.

Those who have followed the invasion by illegal immigrants have noticed that, in spite of their own observations and a wide-open southern border, the 11 million number has been used for more than a decade.

Pew, the most-quoted source, has used the figure since 2005. Some Homeland Security references approximating that number go back to 2003.

It’s true that some illegals leave the U.S. voluntarily and some – very few – are deported.  But look at the surge.

… “official” sources have said the annual illegal entrants over that period range from 300,000 to 3 million in peak years. Even the low estimate means another 3 million illegals added to the 2005 estimate of 11 million, yielding at least 14 million.

Sarah Saldana, who runs Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the chief deportation agency and part of Homeland Security, testified Dec. 2 before Congress that the illegal population could be as high as 15 million.

I live in Phoenix.  We’re at the point of the spear on illegal immigration.  In my anything-but-humble opinion if the federal government is willing to admit there “might be” 15 million illegals in the U.S. there are probably 20 million.

The even bigger problem is that most of the “comprehensive” immigration plans put forth include expedited legal entry for the families of illegals given amnesty.  If we assume there are between 11 and 15 million illegals currently here that means potentially another 30 to 45 million will be given expedited entry into the country and gives us up to 60 million aliens to deal with.

It’s not a good idea to believe anything the federal government or federal officials tell you about immigration.  After all, they are the “change” they’ve been waiting for.

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