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“American Pie” Singer Don McLean Arrested For What? Please Tell Me It’s Not True:


Before you start burning your album with Don McLean’s big thumb with the American flag painted on it, the infamous “American Pie” singer was ARRESTED on domestic violence charges.

Not convicted.

He’s 73-years-old and one of my heroes, but he was arrested, booked and held early Monday on the charge of domestic violence. He’s since been released on $10,000 bail.

don mcclean1

Keeping in mind that if you smash your car in the drive-way with a baseball bat, you’ll be charged with domestic violence – it’s a serious, serious charge and I’m not making light of it, nor am I saying he didn’t do it.

I’m only saying he’s innocent until proven guilty. That’s all.

Police were called to McLean’s home just before 2 a.m. Monday morning, but local police aren’t giving out any other details as to exactly what did or didn’t happen.

I hate the fact that anyone has to go through this – his wife, family, friends, fans – and in today’s world everyone knows right away.

Heck, I’m even writing about it here because it is news.

So sad because this is a guy who wrote some of the most beautiful songs ever – beyond the hit that made him iconic and Universal Studios stole for their dumbass pie movies. You may only know him for “American Pie” but McClean has more than 40 gold and platinum records worldwide during his career and penned; “Starry-Starry Night” about Vincent Van Gogh, who merely cut off his ear and mailed it to his girlfriend.

Something Van Gogh would be arrested for these days.

McLean sold his original manuscript for his classic “American Pie” at auction last year for $1.2 million. “I’m going to be 70 this year,” McLean told Rolling Stone prior to the Christie’s auction.

This story is developing; but McLean is married to wife Patrisha and the couple share two children. His court date is set for February 22.

The 70-year-old still performs occasionally, most recently in August at the Maine Lobster Festival.

You can bet what the closing song was.

… Developing.




Honestly, I thought Madonna should have been locked up for remaking that song… just sayin’


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