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7 Reasons Why Tom Brady Got Robbed on Sunday


The Patriots got robbed on Sunday.  They should have won the game in Denver handily, but the Broncos had help.  Tom Brady got stiffed.  Boo.

Full disclosure, I’m a Pats fan.  I lived in Boston in the 70’s and 80’s when they were known as the Patsies.  They couldn’t steal a game.  I still remember the fantastic team that went to the Super Bowl only to meet up with the best Chicago Bears team of all time.  I hated Chicago long before Barack.

Last Sunday’s game should be replayed.

Courtesy of Yahoo and NFL Flims.

Here’s Exhibit 1, the Gronk.

Fourth down, Patriots ball deep in Denver territory, 2:21 remaining, Patriots down by eight. Tom Brady lofts a ball to Rob Gronkowski in the end zone, but Gronk can’t bring it down amidst a swarm of Broncos. (See the video at the top of this post.)

The “conspiracy”: Uncalled pass interference! Receivers love to call for a flag any time they miss a ball, and Gronk bellowed at the back judge, who merely kept his hand outstretched in the no-catch motion. It was a huge play; had the Patriots scored, they would have been, at worst, down two points with all three timeouts plus the two-minute warning remaining against a deflated (sorry) Denver squad.

Come on, really?: Well … yes. If you were building a case for conspiracy against the Patriots, this would be Exhibit A. On this particular call, the Patriots did indeed get jobbed:

Who knows what would have happened in those final two minutes? Perhaps Peyton Manning and the Denver offense get a first down and end the game; perhaps the Patriots get the ball back and kicker Stephen Gostkowski gets a shot to redeem his missed extra point. We’ll never know. But this one hurt, no doubt about it.

I hope the back judge got a new house.

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