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7 Pistols That Were Game-Changers:


Women walking home from work at night, men on horses, parachuting into France – whatever you’re doing, when you need a pistol – it’s good to have one.

Here are the 7 most iconic pistols of all time: Hat tip: Hub Pages:

#7: Browning Hi-Power

The Browning HP carries the name of one of the most legendary weapon designers of all time, John Browning. It is undoubtedly worthy of his name, but perhaps in a perfect world more credit would go to another accomplished weapons designer–Dieudonné Saive– who completed Browning’s original design a few years after his death (just in time for WWII).

The Hi-Power, although initially rejected by France, forever influenced how pistols would be made because of its staggered 13-round magazine. Previous attempts at high capacity magazines were often too bulky, heavy, or finicky to be practical. It’s easy for someone to assume that this pistol would also be especially high powered, but it shot 9 mm ammo at a pedestrian velocity.browning


The pistol was widely used by the British and the Germans during WWII (since the primary Allied factory was in Belgium, it wasn’t long before the Germans were capable of producing them). The Browning HP gained notoriety with British airborne units late in the war, and by the end of the WWII it had a great reputation. As a result, 93 nations would adopt it as a standard service pistol.

Modern pistol designs have eclipsed the single action Browning HP in many ways, but it took them a long time to do it (and the staggered magazine is likely to stick around for ages).

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