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35 $Million Dollar Lottery Pick Won’t Be Honored Because of This?


C’mon – they picked the right numbers to win $35 million bucks in the lottery and now you’re telling me because of a “technical glitch” you’re not paying off??

Sounds fishy to me. I’d want some answers… like 35 million answers to be specific:

Hat tip: METRO:

English couple Edwina and David Nylan, 60, picked the winning lottery numbers combination but aren’t going to see a cent. WTH?

They attempted to purchase a lottery ticket that had the winning combination of numbers.

Edwina, who has seven grandchildren, said when they tried to buy the £2 ticket their online Lottery account showed it did not have enough funds.

They tried to top up so they had enough money in the account, then tried again with the numbers 01 – 02 – 04 – 19 – 28 – 41.


But despite the app confirming the purchase had gone through, Camelot says it has no record of the transaction.

Edwina said: ‘I rang customer services at Camelot and the person I spoke to said they could see from their records that we had intended to buy those numbers but they said the purchase did not go through because we only had 60p in our account.

‘We had tried to top up the account, and hadn’t realised that hadn’t registered either.”

Camelot confirmed the couple did make multiple attempts to buy a ticket – but say they cannot confirm whether they would have won or not.

A spokeswoman for Camelot said:

‘The player did attempt to purchase an online Lotto ticket multiple times on December 23 from 7pm onwards (the cut-off to buy tickets is 7.30pm), however there were insufficient funds in the player’s account – so the attempted purchases were not successful.

Edwina said her husband is working many hours a week to make ends meet, and her sister is brain damaged and needs a motorized wheelchair. It would seem that Camelot should make an exception in this case and award the money.

Camelot admitted that the couple had attempted repeatedly to make the purchase and Edwina said Camelot admitted they had chosen those numbers. Hopefully further details come out that result in a suitable ending for everyone.


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