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1st District MIchigan- Jason Allen: Paul Ryno Republican


Dan Benishek is the retiring Republican Congressman from Michigan’s 1st District.  The race is on to replace him and the Paul Ryno wing of the Republican Establishment has their man.  Jason Allen.

Allen is a former state senator and he’ll be a bright, rising star in Washington if the Establishment has any say in this primary.  He lost the primary in 2012 to Benishek, a common sense conservative, even though he had the backing of the party establishment.

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Michigan’s 1st District is in the northern part of the state and has been a purplish but conservative district that, prior to Benishek, was represented by the infamous Democrat Bart Stupak.  When Stupak authored the compromise that sold “pro-life Democrats” down the river and clinched the passage of ObamaCare and free abortions for all Benishek rode the tide to victory in 2010.

Allen is more than just an Establishment Darling.  He’s good friend of public employee unions in the recently Right-to-Work state of Michigan.  And not just any union, he’s on backslapping, gimme-the-money terms with none other than the Service Employees International Union – SEIU.

The conservative think tank, the Mackinac Center, exposed Allen’s turncoat ways when he ran against Benishek in the 2010 primary.

On Aug. 5, 2009, Sen. Jason Allen, R-Traverse City, introduced Senate Bill 731, which would give statutory cover to a scheme transferring approximately $6.6 million in taxpayer money annually to the SEIU government employee union, one of the parents of ACORN. This is accomplished by creating a shell government “employer” for some 42,000 individuals who are actually hired by elderly or disabled Medicaid recipients to provide personal care services in their homes. A Mackinac Center lawsuit is pending regarding a similar arrangement imposed on home day care providers.

This is the same scheme that was eventually struck down by the courts.  Why in the world would Allen support a scheme to line the pockets of a public employee union that makes the U.S. Communist Party look like a Tea Party group?

Wendy Day of Common Sense in Government has reported on Facebook that Allen was the recipient of a $2,000 campaign contribution from the SEIU on June 22, six weeks before SB 731 was introduced. In another post she hints that introducing and passing the bill was part of a quid-pro-quo between Senate Republicans and the SEIU for union support of former state representative Mike Nofs in a November 2009 special election, which state Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser had characterized as among the party’s top priorities.

Bottom line, Jason Allen can be bought, and cheap.

There are more examples of Allen’s Ryno characteristics, he served in the Michigan Senate when Democrats controlled the State House under Jennifer Granholm.  Granholm was arguably one of the most liberal governors in the U.S. and Allen was ready, willing, and able to work with her on initiatives that destroyed jobs in the state.

Michigan can do better than Jason Allen.  The voters in the 1st District had the good sense to reject Allen in 2010, let’s hope we see a repeat of that primary.

Outgoing Congressman Dan Benishek this morning endorsed state Senator Tom Casperson in the upcoming primary.  Allen is expected to announce his candidacy later today.

“Tom has a proven record of fighting for northern Michigan families, not only as a state senator, but also as a small business owner and father,” Benishek said in a statement. “He has been a consistent voice working to grow our economy and enhance opportunities for workers. I know Tom will bring our values to Washington and he has the experience and ability to get things done.”

Casperson said he was “deeply honored” to receive Benishek’s support.

The 1st District is expected to be one of, if not the most, hotly contested congressional races in Michigan this year.

We’ll be following this race, it could be an indicator of whether the Republican Establishment, so aptly represented by neighboring Wisconsin’s Rep. Paul Ryan, Barack Obama’s new best buddy (after the Ayatollahs, of course), can force another Democrat-in-Disguise into Washington.

Let’s hope not.  Allen needs to stay in Michigan and go ice fishing.


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