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I Wonder How Hollywood Libs Feel About This?


What kid isn’t excited about the new Star Wars movie”The Force Awakens” coming out? Some kids are so excited they’re even wearing t-shirts to school.

What? You can’t wear t-shirts of StarWars anymore to school? What about the 1st Amendment, you’ve heard of that right?


In a story from the Washington Post:

By most measures, Colton Southern is a model seventh-grader.

He’s a boy scout, an active member of his church and volunteers at a state park not far from his home in Rosenberg, Tex.

He’s also a huge “Star Wars” fan, a distinction that has unexpectedly placed the well-behaved middle-schooler at odds with school administrators at George Junior High, according to ABC affiliate KTRK. The trouble began  Thursday after Colton wore a shirt to school depicting a “Star Wars — The Force Awakens” logo that included an image of a Stormtrooper holding a weapon, the station reported.

Joe Southern told KTRK that his son has worn the shirt on several other occasions without a problem, but this time was different. School officials, Southern told KTRK, informed the boy that the shirt was banned because it included an image of a weapon. Instead of sending him home, officials forced the boy to cover up the T-shirt by zipping up his jacket.

Southern was furious.

It’s political correctness run amok,” he told KTRK. “You’re talking about a Star Wars t-shirt, a week before the biggest movie of the year comes out. It has nothing to do with guns or making a stand. It’s just a Star Wars shirt.”

A spokesperson for the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District told KTRK that a list of dress-code violations in the LCISD secondary school handbook includes “symbols oriented toward violence.”

School officials told the station that the middle-schooler got off easy and could have faced a harsher punishment, such as in-school suspension.

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I agree with Joe Southern. The insanity really has to stop. This is about freedom of speech. This is about the First Amendment. This is about a young man who is a HUGE fan of Star Wars that he wants to wear a shirt to school to show his excitement and support. That’s where it ends.

Americans if you can’t see that, there is really something troubling you! This is after all a fictional movie. This is a fan getting excited for one of the greatest movies spanning over 30 years. The movie comes out in a couple days. #WakeUpAmerica

I will be so happy when we elect a Constitutional Conservative like Ted Cruz and America can return to our Constitution. By the way, Ted Cruz is giving away tickets to the Star Wars movie. I think Colton Southern should get the first pair. May the force be with you! #StrikeForce


Written by Nancy Hayes

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