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Will Loretta Lynch Prosecute “Anti-Muslim” Speech?


The Obama administration and Democrats in general, hate the concept of free speech and the First Amendment.

First, it was Senate Democrats trying to eliminate the fundamental part of the First Amendment’s protection of political speech.

The amendment Democratic leaders proposed would have given Congress and state legislatures the ability to set “reasonable” limits on how much candidates could raise and spend during their campaigns and to enact outright bans on interest groups that wish to use their money to influence elections.

The amendment would overturn the First Amendment’s protection of free speech as interpreted by the Supreme Court.

“This, make no mistake, is an attack on the First Amendment’s most important protection,” said Sen. Mike Lee, Utah Republican.

Now it’s any speech that condemns groups favored by Democrats.

Loretta Lynch, on behalf of the Obama administration, is threatening to prosecute “anti-Muslim” rhetoric.

“Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech…”  Ms. Lynch, you and your ilk are doing everything possible to eliminate everything this country was based on.

People are taking up the challenge on this issue.  Here’s former Congressman Joe Walsh.

Good job Joe.

I’ll double down on that.

Madame Attorney General, Islam is a violent cult founded by a murdering pedophile – Mohammed, just so we’re clear – who encouraged his followers to butcher and enslave their neighbors.  They’ve been following his command for 1,400 years.

There is no such thing as “radical Islam” there is only Islam.  Please note that all of the recent terrorist attacks were committed by “moderate Muslims.”  The common thread is, “I don’t know why he (or she) did this.  They were a gentle soul and a good Muslim.”  And that’s right, they were all “good Muslims.”  Murderers, butchers, and followers of the pedophile “prophet.”

The West needs to understand that Muslims are at was with the West.  Their goal is to kill or enslave every non-Muslim and destroy our society.  It’s long past time we acted like we understand that and take action.  We can start here in the U.S. by blocking the so-called “Syrian Refugees” that your boss wants relocated here.  Next, we can shut down mosques and deport immigrant Muslims back to their third world, thirteenth century s*ithole countries.

That’s for starters.  I’ve got a few more suggestions that I’ll post another time.  I will give you a hint though.  With respect to foreign affairs, we should turn the murderous Islamic State of Iran into a sea of glass.  Preferably on a day when Secretary of State (and traitor) John Kerry is visiting the Mullahs to celebrate their great victory over The Great Satan.


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