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You Will Die When You See How Much These Professional Bums in NYC Haul In


Panhandlers, bums, have been a part of life in every country the world over forever.  Having spent lots of time in the Far East, they line the streets in richest cities in the world.

They seem like they’re on every street corner here in America, or at least at every stop light. 15-1116 Bum2

Here in Phoenix they’ve staked out their turf, you see the same people rotating through on a regular basis.

Most of them have a sign exhorting you to help their family.  Or give because they’re a veteran.  They generally look something like this.

Every once in a while someone does an expose on a panhandler who is making more than the people who are donating to them.  This is one of those stories.

A panhandler outside Grand Central Terminal says he rakes in up to $200 an hour from kind-hearted New Yorkers.

Will Anderson and his faithful dog are cashing in like they were Wall St. investment bankers.

15-1116 Bum

Will is knocking down about $200 an hour at his chosen profession.

And the 43-year-old former theater stagehand is only one of a legion of beggars in the city hauling in big bucks and a smorgasbord of food doing nothing but sitting on the sidewalk with hands out.

“On a Friday morning, I make $400 in two hours,’’ said Will Andersen, who was with his 9-year-old dog, Rizzo, on East 42nd Street between Vanderbilt and Madison avenues on Tuesday.

The problem of beggars lining the streets of The Big Apple is one result of the election of Mayor Bill de Blasio.  He’s called off the cops “stop, question, frisk” program so there’s nobody asking them why they’re on the street and moving them along.

Bill Bratton, NYC Police Commissioner and the man with one of the most thankless jobs on earth with de Blasio as Mayor, has told New Yorkers to stop giving them money.  New Yorkers aren’t listening.

Panhandling is so lucrative, Andersen said he now rents a room in Inwood after being homeless for three years. He said he’s on the street only to collect handouts.

“I have gotten $80 or $100 from a single person. And they will say, ‘Just do something good tonight.’ They mean go to a hotel or a hostel,’’ he said.

“I get people who give me five bucks each day. Five bucks each day, that’s five days a week, two people — that’s $50 a week right there. I get dog food. I put away for rent. I pay $300 a month, that’s nothing.”

Andersen admitted that the pooch helps.

“People are more generous because I have a dog, 100 percent. They throw me a dollar and say, ‘That’s for the dog,’ ’’ Andersen said, sitting next to a duffel bag full of donated food for himself.

Some bums are even honest about it.

Some vagrants even admitted that Bratton is right on the money — New Yorkers shouldn’t be giving them dough.

“If you stop giving them money and help them with those other things, like blankets, clothing and food, they would definitely leave because they would know they couldn’t get the money to get high or drunk,’’ said Shaunyece Darling, 22, who panhandles with her boyfriend, dog and three cats.

This is what liberals have brought us.  Record numbers of people out of the workforce, not even bothering to look for a job, all of Obama’s “job creation” is part time jobs, and bums on the street panhandling for $200 an hour.

I’d write more but I’ve got to find a good marker and some cardboard.  I think I know a pretty good spot in North Scottsdale.


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