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What ISIS is Most Afraid Of!


The Kurds have ISIS figured out and could easily defeat them. Too bad Obama won’t give them the much needed arms that they are requesting. If that happened, who knows where we would be in the fight against “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.

But get this. Guess what ISIS is afraid of?


…………………………………………………That’s right! GIRLS!

Here’s the story in Daily Mail:

ISIS jihadi fighters are ‘afraid of girls’ and fear facing female soldiers, a militia commander in the Kurdish women’s unit has said.

The terrorist soldiers believe being killed by a woman will prevent them from going to heaven, according to all-female Kurdish frontline troops.

The Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) is an all-female branch of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), who fight ISIS in the Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria.

Speaking to CNN’s Ben Wedeman, their 21-year-old commander, fighting under the nom-de-guerre Tehelden – which is Kurdish for ‘revenge’ – dismissed ISIS fighters’ ‘bravery’.

‘They think they’re fighting in the name of Islam,’ said Tehelden, surrounded by her unit of women in the town of Al-Houl, north-east Syria, which the YPJ and YPG recently retook from ISIS.

2F37CF8000000578-3353330-image-a-2_1449698314398‘They believe if someone from Daesh [ISIS] is killed by a girl, a Kurdish girl, they won’t go to heaven. They’re afraid of girls.’

One of the fighters in Tehelden’s units, 20-year-old Efelin, even laughed when asked if ISIS had tried to attack Al-Houl again. ‘If they do, we won’t leave one of them alive.’

Tehelden, Efelin and their sisters in arms are stationed in Al-Houl, about an hour’s drive to the south of Al-Hassakeh in north-east Syria.

The YPG has some 50,000 fighters, 20 per cent of whom are women, and their militia units, which is mainly made up by Kurds, have played a major role in fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

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Gotta’ love it don’t ya? Who knew ISIS was afraid of something as simple as girls? They abuse them. Rape them. Dispose of them. In the end, they are afraid if girls kill them they will not go to heaven. I got news for you, ISIS. You aren’t going to heaven anyway!  God Bless the Kurdish fighters! Too bad Obama’s not sending enough weapons and artillary to help these women REALLY defeat ISIS. I guess he doesn’t want the world to know what it really takes to defeat radical islamic terrorists…….women with guns! More power to you!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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