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Wendy’s Bows Down to Michelle Obama


It’s time to suck up to Michelle Obama again.  This time the Food Police are attacking Wendy’s.

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Any time you’re dealing with Democrats remember this, everything is about them controlling your every move, action, and thought.

Wendy’s has made a decision to take soda off the menu for kids meals.  Needless to say the Food Police are ecstatic.

“We applaud Wendy’s for prioritizing children’s health and providing more nutritious beverage options,” said Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) member Fr. Michael Crosby.

“Restaurants should not be setting parents up for a fight by bundling soda with meal options designed for kids. Wendy’s is taking a responsible step forward that will improve children’s health and make it easier for parents to make healthy choices for their children. We hope Burger King, Applebee’s, IHOP, and other chains follow suit.”

The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility?  That would be a bunch of people who’ve never held a productive job in their lives lecturing business on “responsibility”?  That is a dozen posts I won’t get to today.  Maybe I’ll set up a Corporate Center on the Responsibility of the Faithful.  I have a lot more experience with faith than all the combined experience of “work” at the ICCR.

Let me note that when they were growing up, mom made sure our kids didn’t drink much in the way of soda and they ate healthy foods.  They’re both in their 30s now and neither have been overweight.

That said, it’s none of the government’s damn business what parents allow their kids to eat or drink.  And nothing in life is the business of the ICCR.  And just in case you’re not sure this is about control and not nutrition …

Besides removing soda from children’s menus and advertising, Wendy’s could further improve its menus for children and adults by serving whole grain rolls, offering more fruit and vegetable options, reducing sodium across the menu, and dropping Frostys from the children’s menu.

Actually, it appears that Wendy’s hasn’t completely caved.

“When ordering a kids’ meal, the customer is asked what beverage they prefer,” Bertini wrote. “The change is the kids’ meal beverage options which are shown on our menu boards.”

I can’t wait for January 2017.


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