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VIDEO: Cameras at Dem Debate Catch Hillary Doing Something Caused by “Gender Gap?”


Hillary apparently had to pee during the debate.  She left the stage during a commercial and got back a little late.

Can you imagine what they’re blaming it on?

But never fear, she had an excuse.  There was this video …

Actually, her campaign cooked up the following.

Aides said they had been concerned during the walk through before the debate that the ladies room was such a schlep. The campaign’s vice chairwoman, Huma Abedin, had timed the distance to and from the podium and expressed concerns to organizers, but the gymnasium setting meant there were no closer options. She relayed to Mrs. Clinton that she would have to be speedy, said several aides involved in debate planning.

Thanks Huma, but really, where is Susan Rice when you really need her.



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