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Trump Gives Obama the SMACKDOWN on Twitter: Too Good–


You can count on Donald Trump to say what he thinks.

He took to Twitter on Sunday to comment on President Obama’s speech about fighting radical Islam gun control.

15-1208 Treet1

It can’t come fast enough for me Mr. Trump.  Another 14 months.

15-1208 Treet2

Or Muslim terrorism.

15-1208 Treet4

But Donald!  Bombing the oil pipelines would create an “environmental hazard” and the EPA and UN wouldn’t approve!!  Besides, ISIS is pretty much just butchering and enslaving Christians and Jews.

15-1208 Treet5

OK Donald we know you’re a racist.

Trump is polling at over 30% and the people who say he’s a crazy racist – John Kasich, Lindsay Graham, Jeb! Bush – they’re around 2%.

I’ll take “the racist” thank you.


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