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Trump Campaign Now Requires Reporters Have Bathroom Escorts at Rallies


Guess what?  Donald Trump doesn’t particularly like, or trust, the media.  Frankly, I think that’s a good policy for all Republicans.

Trump has stirred up another little media storm because his campaign is apparently requiring reporters to have escorts when they use the bathroom.  I’ve got a couple of dozen comments running around in my head right now, given that most reporters are hard core leftists and probably have a problem figuring out their gender, but I’ll stop right there.

Anyway, the media is having a fit and giving Trump another couple of million dollars of free publicity.

15-1128 Trump1

15-1128 Trump2

The media is in high howl.  Let’s see if the Trump media management blows over as quickly as the Hillary media management.

15-1128 Trump3

Hillary roped off reporters and the complaints were, well, nonexistent.

There’s some speculation that this was a Secret Service requirement, but we’ll see.  I think Trump is just doing another great job of trolling the media for free air time.  It’s worked so far, he’s spent far less than any other real candidate (John Kasich doesn’t count) and he’s running away from the field.


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