This is a Real Shame.

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Really.  Don’t people have any respect anymore?  Not even for the dead?

The bullet-riddled body of Tashfeen Malik is still at the San Bernardino County morgue, along with that of her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook. But while his remains are expected to soon be released to his family, community and mosque leaders are treating her corpse like a hot potato.

“No one wants to claim her and no one wants to do the funeral,” a well-placed source within the Muslim community told “They are all waiting for someone else to be the one to take care of this part of it.”

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I’m thinking of putting up a fundraising page to raise money from the Muslim “community.”  If I get enough, anonymously of course, I’ll use the money to arm Kurdish fighters in Iraq.  Malik can go to hell.  Literally.

Local political and religious leaders have been trying to get someone to agree to perform a burial for Malik in adherence with Islamic tradition, but so far no one wants to take on the controversial duties.

Cowards.  You know in their hearts they were cheering her on and now they’re going to let her be cremated, and that’s a major affront to Muslims.

Maybe I’ll just claim her body and have it ground up and made into food for pigs.  No, I couldn’t do that.  I respect pigs too much.

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