Texas Prepares for Open-Carry!

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On Jan. 1, A law signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this year will allow licensed firearms owners in Texas the ability to open-carry a handgun in most places.

It will make Texas the most populous state in the U.S. to allow “open-carry.”

Private businesses and other establishments have the right to ban open-carry under the law.

I've ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 to safeguard Texans' constitutional rights, private property & civil liberties.

How they deal with it will either make their customers more or less safe.

Some will choose to post a “No guns allowed” sign, announcing to all thugs that might decide to commit nefarious purposes that their customers cannot defend themselves.

Some will welcome the open-carry and have an occasional customer walk through their establishment with a firearm at their side.


There are also currently some local municipalities deciding on how to apply open-carry within their public buildings.

The battle to make Texas the 45th state to allow open-carry was hard fought.

After an overwhelming victory in November 1014, the Republican side of the isle has been on a strong run to continue to push for conservative Texas values and Open Carry has been in the forefront.

Open Carry Texas, under the leadership of CJ Grisham, and Texas Carry, under the leadership of Terry Holcomb, Sr., have led the fight.

Grisham and Holcomb  joined hundreds of  activists gathered at a rally at the Texas Capitol Saturday. Many of the speakers echoed Governor Greg Abbott in his State of the State address “Liberty” mantra.

There was some debate in Texas as to whether the law should include a license, or be a true Constitutional Carry that requires no license.

While most would prefer true Constitutional Carry, most recognize licensed Open carry as a huge step that can eventually lead to removing the licensed restriction.

Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland was at the forefront of pushing for Constitutional Carry, promising to get a recorded vote on Constitutional Carry. He states on his Facebook page:

“While I am thankful that there is movement on Campus Carry, and Open Carry with a license, I want to reiterate that my plans have not changed. I will offer an amendment to any germane gun bill on the floor to include “constitutional carry.” Texans deserve to know where their legislators stand, and if they respect the Republican party platform they said they would uphold. I will not back down.”

Maybe California, the state with the most stringent gun control Brady laws, as well as the one with the worst gun crime, will learn that Gun-Control does not work!


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