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Ted Cruz Must Be Doing Something Right: Chris Matthews UNHINGED! [VIDEO]


One of the reasons I love Ted Cruz is because he’s hated by all the right people. That definitely includes the tingly legged Chris Matthews over there on the non-partisan MSNBC.

Can you believe the once proud and respected NBC Network has denigrated to this? Tom Brokaw must be lisping in ALL CAPS when he sees this crap.


Tuesday, Chris Matthews called Ted Cruz: “a complete enemy of the state,” and then issued the following, which would get most “journalists” a rebuke, if not a quick firing:

“Cruz is scarier than Trump and that will be a frightening prospect to realize….if we weren’t talking about Trump, we’d be talking about the horror of this country possibly being led by Cruz… nobody likes him. No one who knows him likes him.”

Yo – Chris, you blowhard, white-knuckle drunk has-been! I know Ted Cruz and I like him.

He’s the Christian we need right now!

Have you ever seen a Presidential candidate do this in public before? CLICK HERE:

Here’s a fuller exchange:

“I think the anger that we see driving Trump, the anger on the right, white people, if you will, working white people, whatever that category gets defined as, are so angry, especially the very religious people, that they’re willing to put somebody in there who’s a complete enemy of the state. They’re willing to go all the way to the hardest far right rail. You can’t be too hard right,” Matthews said.

So anyone who supports the Constitution is an enemy of the state?

Check this out: a classic..

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