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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Trick Before


This is another episode of “never let a crisis go to waste” except this one is more like “let’s delay the crisis until after the election.”  Kind of like Benghazi with the video.

This one even has a video, but here the rush was on to make sure nobody saw it or talked about it because in this case the video was the damning evidence against Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

15-1129 LaqThe “crisis” here is a 17-year-old PCP addict named Laquan McDonald who refused to follow police orders and was shot by a cop.  Sixteen times.  Really.  A couple would have done the job, but no, he shot Laquan sixteen times.  The “black community” was in an uproar and the city was “investigating.”

There was also an election going on, Mayor Emanuel was running for his life against an even more liberal Democrat, Chuy Garcia.

Rahm had to make a decision about that video.  The big question was, “could Rahm get elected if the video became public knowledge?”

Not if that video came out during the election campaign, the video showing white cop Jason Van Dyke shooting McDonald, hitting him with two rounds, and then, with McDonald on the ground, hitting him with 14 more shots.

Emanuel could have even sat in President Barack Obama’s lap for a photo — both of them wearing matching Dr. Denton pajamas (the kind with the feet) and sipping identical cups of cocoa.

And that still wouldn’t have saved him.

So you know what Barack’s best buddy did.  He buried the video.  He got the “black vote” and beat Chuy to a pulp on election day.

15-1130 Rahm1

Chuy is not a happy camper, as he told an interviewer.

“Yes,” Garcia told me over the phone. “That video would definitely have changed the political environment.

“The rug would have been pulled out from under many political leaders’ feet. Things would have been different,” he said.

“And now, with the video out and people seeing it, everywhere I go people ask me about it. Everywhere I go people tell me it would have been a game changer. If people had seen it, they would have said, this city is so corrupt, it’s time for a change.”

But they didn’t see it, until it was too late.

“There’s just some basic Chicago arithmetic in there. He wouldn’t have received as much votes from the African-American community,” Garcia said. “It isn’t rocket science. It’s arithmetic. And so yes, this tragic video would have had a profound impact.”

What can Chuy do about it?  Ummm, that would be nothing.

15-1130 Rahm2

You’d think that this would bite Rahm in the back of his ballerina suit come next election, but I wouldn’t go betting the farm on that one.  Chicago voters, especially black Chicago voters, have either short memories or are as dumb as a field of rocks.  Rahm has a bus headed for Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

You can see the truth of it by watching the other politicians scrambling for cover in the wake of the Laquan McDonald video release.

They don’t like questions about how they helped Rahm win. That puts the jacket on them. And they don’t want to wear the jacket.

So they’re stitching one up for Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, who charged Van Dyke with murder the other day.

They want Alvarez to wear the jacket for it all.

Rahm seems to be throwing her under his bus, but he doesn’t want his fingerprints on her. So his ally, David Axelrod, threw her under.

Axelrod is a Rahm pal, but for years he was also the mouthpiece for former Mayor Richard Daley, and was the top political and media strategist for Obama. It’s a Chicago thing.

“Why did it take a year to indict a CPD officer who shot a kid 16 times?” Axelrod tweeted Tuesday night. “Would it have happened today if a judge hadn’t ordered the video release?”

Strangely, no one seems to be talking about a “War on Women”!  I wonder why?  Oh, yeah.


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