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WATCH Neil Cavuto Destroy Idiot Rich Kid Explaining Why They Deserve Free Stuff. You’ll Think This is a Joke: It’s Not.


Actually, it’s a bad joke.  A very bad joke.

Keely Mullen.  You saw her being sliced and diced by Neil Cavuto.  He does a better job of that than anybody in the business.

When Neil goes after you you’ve bled out before you feel the pain from the first slice.

So who is Keely Mullen.  Given her demands for free education and a 90% tax rate she’s probably a welfare baby at University of Missouri on full scholarship, right?  Well, that’s what she hinted at in the interview.

There’s just one little problem.  Keely is lying through her well tended teeth.

Keely has a profile at LinkedIn and noted that she attended school at the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago.  Here’s a screen shot of their tuition page.

15-1115 Keely FW Parker HS

Welfare is paying $37,000 a year for school?  Nice.  It is, of course, the home of the nation’s #1 community organizer so anything could be possible.

She’s a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston and according to one source she’s got $150,000 in student loan debt.  Her LinkedIn page didn’t note any employment that would make the payments on that loan.  Perhaps she’s following suit with the bimbo at Columbia University who carried a mattress around on her back.

Then there’s home-sweet-home.  According to BlockShopper daddy owns a house in Chicago that he paid $1MM for in 2005.

15-1115 Keely Daddys Home

No idea what it’s worth today, but probably at least a million.

There’s lots more interesting stuff about Keely’s family, but we’ll save that for another post.

What I’d gladly pay to watch is seeing Neil knock on daddy’s door and ask him how he feels about paying a 90% rate on his income tax.



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