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Rev. Franklin Graham EPIC Rant To Obama on San Bernardino Jihad


This received over 100,000 likes. At our house we love Franklin Graham.  He’s got a huge heart and loves God with all of it.  His ministries are amazing because he’s simply a steward of God’s work, see Samaritan’s Purse.  Franklin is also a realist and he understands the evil in the world as you can see from his comments on the recent acts of Muslim terrorism in San Bernardino.

15-1209 Graham

Rev. Graham tells the truth in this post.  The problem in San Bernardino wasn’t “too many guns” or “easy access to guns.”  It is too many Muslims and giving them access to immigration too easily.  If the government had confiscated every gun in America – Obama and the Democrats dream – the San Bernardino Muslim butchers would have simply used the explosives they had inventoried in their home.  They planted pipe bombs at the shooting site, they just didn’t go off.

Franklin Graham understands Islam.  He’s been outspoken about it for a very long time.  Here he is on Greta’s show five years ago talking about the problem.

Franklin is not getting an invite to the White House any time soon, but he’s certainly welcome at our house any time.



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