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Religion of Peace Members Livid After Christian Town Posts THIS Sign… [PHOTOS]


Pontoglio is a little town of 9,000 people in Italy.  Like most Italian villages it counts it’s history in centuries and they’re very proud of their traditions, especially their Christian traditions.  Those traditions, and the good people of Pontoglio , are being threatened by an invasion by the religion of peace.  Unlike most places, the good people of Pontoglio are doing something about it.

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This sign, and signs like it have been posted all over Pontoglio.  In case your Italian is a little rusty, it says, “Pontoglio, town of western culture and deep Christian tradition. People unwilling to respect local culture and tradition are invited to leave.”

The residents of the town have, of course, been accused of being racist and “Islamophobic.”  The best part of the story is that those residents don’t seem to care about the opinions of the far left who are intent on destroying Western culture.  And, strangely enough, they’re happy to use Muslims to do it.

What the far left doesn’t realize is that Muslims will happily destroy Western culture, they’ve been trying to do it for 1,400 years.  Once they’re done installing Sharia law their first targets will be the far left.

Here’s what one counselor, named as Paolo Bocchi, had to say about the signs.

He said that it informed anyone arriving at Pontoglio, situated near the Italian city of Brescia, that ‘our culture is based on mutual respect. From women to music, art, habits and traditional rites.’

The councillor said that it was designed to provide clear ‘cultural and historic information’ about the small village, although many social media users have labelled it was racist.

The sign was agreed by the village’s council and backed by the centre-right mayor, Alessandro Seghezzi.

From my perspective, I say “good job” to the mayor and the town council.  And best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Muslim free new year.


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