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Refugee Thief Gets Justice From Female Cashier


Another fine refugee example of the type of people Obama wants to bring into our country.

These stories are out there every day. Soon they will be here in America – every day.

I’m tired of the Muslim excuses of not wanting to take care of their own. Why should this become our problem? Why didn’t these refugees fight for their homes? Would you just up and run if someone tried to take over your home?

Check it out:


An ungrateful refugee thought that since the only worker on duty at the entrance of a grocery was a tiny young woman, he could just leave without paying for his groceries. However, he completely underestimated that sometimes big surprises come in small packages.

According to Fitness Asenteella, a young woman named Anna has proven herself a force with which to be reckoned after security footage of her defending her position at a K-Market grocery store in Helsinki, Finland was leaked.

The video shows a migrant walking past her register, directing a comment towards her and nodding as he attempts to casually stroll through the exit with goods in hand. But Anna isn’t about to let him go without a fight.

The young woman chases down the so-called refugee, apprehending him and snatching the items from his hands before he gives up and flees.

In another part of the viral footage, Anna comes to a standoff with two thieving migrants, armed only with a can of pepper spray and her strong will. Placing herself in between them and the doors, she fights the men all the way into the parking lot — but she doesn’t stop there.

This small woman somehow manages to drag one of the thieves back into the store, fighting off his accomplice in the process.

“I’m not scared,” Anna told MV Lehti. “Pepper spray is a strong defense. Adrenaline kicked in, and I just dragged him back inside.”

Although the bleeding-heart leftists are quick to chastise her for assaulting “poor refugees,” Anna explains that they aren’t stealing because they are desperate or hungry.

“They do this so brazenly,” she said. “Most often they steal alcohol, which is not a necessity, and not, for example, something essential such as food. It’s frustrating.”

Anna’s employer, Saku Kytölä, was incredibly proud of her, but added that he doesn’t want his workers to feel like they need to fight off thieves. He emphasized that he would rather keep his employees safe than catch a perpetrator.

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This brave young lady will probably wind up on a terrorist hit list now. Sadly with all this attention she is not safe.

I hope she is able to protect herself. She certainly seems very able to do so, but you worry about the cowards who would attack her in stealth.

Muslims certainly are cowards and wimps when it comes to their attacks. They have to go up against women and children in order to spread their fear.


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