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A Real Miracle on 34th Street!


Christmas always brings back special and fond memories doesn’t it? Whether it’s Santa tiptoeing through the living room and tripping over the popcorn tin, or listening to Andy Williams sing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, or maybe even watching the “Miracle on 34th Street”, many of us have memories to share throughout the years that make Christmas special. This little girl and her mom visiting Santa is no different.


In a story from DailyMail:

A little girl with hearing problems told Santa Claus what she wants for Christmas using sign language.

The heartwarming scene was captured by an onlooker at Middlesbrough’s Cleveland Centre on November 5 and was posted to YouTube. It has since attracted over 156,600 views.

At the start of the touching 40 second clip, the unnamed tot enters the present-filled grotto and sits on Father Christmas’ knee wearing a festive hat.


In the short video, the girl’s mum is then heard telling Santa: ‘Sorry, she can’t talk very well.’

The kind Kris Kringle then asks if she uses sign language to which her mother replies: ‘Yeah, she does animals and things like that.’

Saint Nick then taps the adorable girl’s arm to get her attention before using hand signals to ask her what she wants for Christmas.

In what appeared to be a scene straight out of the tear-jerking movie Miracle on 34th Street, Santa and his excited little pal are then seen conversing in sign language.

See for yourself….

The video also received high praise when it was posted to the Cleveland Centre Facebook page.

‘Well done Cleveland centre for having an AWESOME Santa,’ said one social media user.

While another added: ‘How heartwarming is this…the true meaning of Christmas …beautiful. Thank you, Father Christmas x.’

Read more here.

This was truly heartwarming. This very special Santa made this Christmas a special memory for this autistic little girl and it was truly a REAL Miracle on 34th Street! It will certainly be a Christmas to remember!


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