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Profiling is GOOD and Designated Shooters


la-me-san-bernardino-shooting-pictures-2015120-101Here is a photo I found posted on-line from the Los Angeles Times of the fourteen people killed in the San Bernardino shooting.  Four days ago these people were alive.  They woke up like it was any other day and were going about their lives.  Each one of them had plans of things they wanted to do, accomplish and enjoy.  When they left their homes to go to a party with friends and coworkers none of them had any idea that they would never return to their loved ones.  None of their loved ones had any idea they would never see these people alive again.   These people did nothing to deserve what happened to them five short days ago.

I’m sure I will catch some flack about the name of this blog.  People reading this blog who know me know that I don’t care.  The ones who don’t know me and decide to say something cute will soon find out that I don’t care.

In California a man who worked near the home of one of the terrorists said he had seen some things near the residence that made him suspicious, but he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to appear to be profiling people.  He said he didn’t want to appear to be a racist…………………  Those fourteen people where murdered and at least seventeen others were injured, possibly because of what caused that one man to make that one decision.  The terrorists who committed these murders and carnage could have possibly been taken out before they even had a chance to hurt these people.  But because one man didn’t want to be labeled a racist by the twisted standards that have become mainstream these days he felt that he could say nothing.  Because of political correctness.  That is un-sat!

Profiling is considered not PC and wrong?  If you profile that makes you a racist?  Well that depends on your definition of Profiling.  If you define profiling as using research, personal past experiences and powers of observation to identify possible circumstances and individuals who could cause you or those around you harm  and you profile people then that doesn’t make you a racist, that makes you smart!   If your definition of profiling is judging someone because their skin is too dark, too light or just different than yours, and you profile people that makes you a racist, and an a-hole.

If you are from the country and you see a full grown coyote foaming at the mouth, and walking up to people like he wants to play, you profile him.  Judging by what we know about a coyotes they may be social animals around other coyotes, but typically they don’t just walk up and decide to play with humans.  He is acting out of character and very likely has rabies.  Would you just not say anything or would you warn others not to touch it?  It’s no different.

We need to use our powers of observation to constantly profile people.  We also need to be ready to deal with them or the events that they set into motion.  It’s called situational awareness.  And by “deal with the events they set into motion” I don’t mean just telling other people to get away from the area.  I mean to identify a threat and being ready to personally go towards that threat and eliminate it.  Which brings me to the second half of this blog.

Designated Shooters.  I’m not talking about in the military.  What I mean by designated shooter is basically the same as designated drivers.   When a group of people are out ( I know you can’t carry your gun in a bar so use common sense and obviously you follow the law) you need to have some in the group that are not going to drink, and will keep a heightened level of awareness so the others in your group can be more relaxed knowing that someone is still watching their backs.  Again, use common sense.  You don’t need to post up like you are on a security detail.  But be more aware of what is going on and who is around you.  Also be prepared to neutralize a threat by shooting him or her if necessary.  I would say restraining if possible, but honestly the ante is so high these days I just don’t think it’s worth the risk to your safety or those around you.  Let’s say because you have a good heart you don’t want to cause the death of another human being so you try. Let’s say you hit a shooter with a chair then restrain him/her.  If you fail then you will probably be killed and many more people may be killed or harmed.  However, if you remove the idea that a terrorist is a human being, then one well placed shot may be all it would take to end the situation quickly, but not necessarily cleanly.  Contrary to what you see on TV, shootings are seldom very clean or cut and dry as they are portrayed to be.  Be ready for the aftermath.

I have had to do some research on active shooters.  After the shootings in Columbine our team was sent to train with many other units on responses to active shooters.  When we returned Farruggio, Fields and I were tasked with coming up with training for not only our department, but many other departments in the region.  It was found that the NORMAL response to hostage situations or barricaded gunmen did not work with active shooters.  So alternative methods were devised by many other teams and departments.  We simply had to take the training we had received ( I think it was a week long) and condense it to a one day session that could be digested by patrol units in any department. Today the NORMAL citizen’s response to ultra hostile people and situations will not work.  Normally you would dial 911, try and wait it out until police arrived, and hope to be rescued……. Those days are gone.  Through some digging I found some statistics on just one mass shooting as an example.  Now this is just from internet sources so do some research on your own.  In the VA Tech shooting there were up to thirty people killed and twenty five wounded in seven minutes.  Do the math on that.  That comes out to 7.85 people killed or shot per minute in an enclosed area the size of a college campus.

How long does it take the first policeman to arrive on the scene?  How long would it take policemen to locate and eliminate a threat in a maze of buildings where they may or may not be familiar with?  Will a person who decides to kill that many innocent unarmed people care about gun regulations that some people in DC want enforced? The same people who by the way won’t go buy a donut without armed security details surrounding them?  These are some of the questions people need to start asking themselves.

Here are some other questions people need to ask themselves and be honest about them.

Are you going to be the hero of the day?  Are you invincible?  Will being prepared always save you?

You may be a hero, if everything goes your way, but it’s possible you could make a mistake and be demonized and have to live with that mistake for the rest of your life. Be ready for that.

You are not invincible because you have your shiny new gun.  Regardless of how aware you are and how well you can shoot, it’s possible that some dirty coward could still slip up behind any of us and kill us.  That’s just the nature of life.  But I would rather die trying to do something than wandering aimlessly or cowering in a corner with little or no hope of rescue.  I guarantee if you aren’t prepared and you are involved in a situation like this the chances of that coward killing you will increase exponentially.

Being prepared does not only mean having the means to kill a person who is trying to kill you or your loved ones. It also means getting some basic emergency medical training.   While it is extremely important to get training with both firearms and hand to hand combat, you cannot disregard the need to be able stop bleeding and keep people breathing until emergency units arrive.  These things all fit together.

Like I said, regardless of what you do, you could be killed by the shooter.  You need to decide if you can accept that.  You don’t have on a police uniform that will identify you as a good guy so you could be killed by a well meaning police.  Accept that.  You could make a mistake and hurt or kill someone by either a pass through shot or a miss.  Again, be honest with yourself.

I honestly believe it would be better to be shot and killed by a terrorist, a cop, or accidentally shoot one person, than to stand by and let some lunatic kill fourteen other people.  It’s just math.  I honestly believe that fourteen strangers’ lives are more important as a whole than my one.


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