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Pretty Sure You’re Not Supposed to Just Snatch Little Girls From Foreign Countries and Take Them Home


Chris Rock may have his thing in a wringer.  Big time.  Not that his “thing” is big time, but the wringer certainly is.

Chris Rock is facing a full-scale criminal investigation over raising a South African girl in his American home for almost seven years without adopting her.Rock2

The comedian and his estranged wife’s relationship with Ntombi-futhi Samantha is being looked into by an elite South African police unit over concerns she was taken out of the country without proper legal procedures being followed.

One officer compared the potential offense to ‘child trafficking’.

That’s more than “oops.”

She’s been living with Rock and his family for seven years, shortly after she was born.  She was brought into the country on a travel visa with apparently no mention of adoption.

This whole mess came to light as a result of a messy divorce between Rock and his philanthropist wife.


The girl is part of a custody squabble and U.S. authorities apparently alerted the South African government.  Their elite criminal investigation team, the Hawks team, is handling the case.

There may have been some agreement between Rock and the girl’s birth parents but the Hawks team doesn’t care.

A member of the Hawks team – which is tasked with investigating South Africa’s most high profile and sensitive crimes – confirmed to MailOnline the case had been raised in a recent meeting after the country’s interior ministry – the Department of Home Affairs – began its own probe.’It sounded like a strange case and it has been flagged up to us. We are awaiting more details from Home Affairs who are looking into how this came about,’ the detective told MailOnline.’Whatever arrangement there was between the Rocks and the parents of the child, laws are in place to prevent parents from allowing their children to travel overseas indefinitely with third parties.

‘It seems there has not been regular contact with the biological parents and if money changed hands, or even gifts in return for the child staying with other people overseas, it sounds very much like child trafficking,’ they added.

There’s also speculation that the girl is the “love child” of Rock based on some statements he apparently made.

I doubt this will end well for Mr. Rock.  He may dodge extradition to South Africa and prison time but it’s going to cost him a pretty penny in legal fees and I’m sure his wife’s divorce lawyer is drooling over his accounts.

Chris’ net worth may end up being all net.


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