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What do The Pope and The Donald Have in Common?


How on earth is Obama on top of this poll? I can understand the Pope being high with his recent visit, but Obama shouldn’t even be considered. He is an embarrassment to the world.

Trump certainly seems to do well in the polls. There is only one poll that will matter for his latest endeavor though and that one comes up on Nov 8th 2016.trump and pope

I doubt Trump puts very much credence into this poll since it seems to favor Obama.

Check it out:

Trump TIES Pope Francis for second place in Most Admired Man in the World Poll – but Obama and Hillary lead the pack

  •  In an annual Gallup survey taken since the 1940s, President Obama is the most admired man in the world, with Trump and Pope Francis in second 
  • Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in the world and holds the record for topping the list 20 times – more times than Eleanor Roosevelt  
  • Trump has been on the list four other times, but never in the top spot  

Donald Trump and Pope Francis are tied for second in a new survey that asks Americans to name their most admired man in the world. 

The only guy in front of them is President Obama, who received 17 percent of the mentions in the annual Gallup survey, while Trump and his Holiness each received a 5 percent share.

Topping the women’s list will be Trump’s Democratic rival, if each frontrunner wins their party’s primary contest, with Hillary Clinton receiving 13 percent of all mentions. 

Gallup has asked this question of Americans since 1946 for men and 1948 for women and Trump has finished in the top 10 four times before. 

He was included on the list from 1988 through 1990 and in 2011. 

Clinton has also appeared on the list before, in fact, she holds the record for the most times a woman has been No. 1. 

The former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady, has been the country’s most admired woman 20 times, beating out former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s record of 13 times at the top. 

Obama has topped the list eight times, a record he shares with Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Though he could beat the other presidents’ records if he gains the distinction next year, as Obama first earned the title in 2008, when he was merely running for president and President George W. Bush was unpopular. 

Reagan and Clinton simply earned it for the years they were in office, which is fairly typical for the poll. 

Continue reading: Daily Mail

Are you ready for Trump? He certainly seems like a winner. All he needs is a conservative running mate to helps bring in the rest of the GOP and he should be golden.

My bet is that Cruz will be his VP. He brings in a non-establishment candidate who is supported by conservatives and TEA party people.  He can be a calming figure to The Donald and help keep things Presidential.

It is time to mix things up in DC and a Trump/Cruz ticket might just be the thing.


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Jay Taylor is Senior Vice President of Political Strategy at Liberty Alliance and a graduate of West Virginia University with an MBA and Computer Engineering degrees. Jay oversees the popular websites Conservative Byte and Patriot Update.


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