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O’Reilly Attacks Trump… Yeah, kinda stupid Bill.


 Trump has certainly taken over the Presidential race. He seems almost unstoppable and when the media thinks some gaff will ruin him, his poll numbers just keep going up.

Now O’Reilly wants to try and get a reaction out of Trump and hopes to be the next one Trump attacks in order to boost his own numbers. It’s almost like the Game of Thrones with Trump on top for the moment.

Trump has been genius in his dealing with not only other candidates, but the media too. Can you imagine how he will handle Congress? I’m almost to the point of  – I can’t wait to see!

We’ve seen everyone else make a mess of our nation, why not let someone successful try and fix it.

Check it out:


I’m not ‘thin-skinned’ Trump tells Bill O’Reilly: ‘I don’t mind bad things about me if it’s true…when people say untrue things, I don’t like it’

  • Donald Trump said he felt bad that he had to bash Jeb Bush during last night’s Republican debate in Las Vegas  
  • Trump ridiculed Bush for his falling poll numbers – noting how the former Florida governor had once stood center stage – where Trump stands now 
  • Trump said on Bill O’Reilly that Bush’s attack lines were canned 
  • For more of the latest on Donald Trump visit

The GOP presidential candidate known for his stinging take downs of his opponents and critics told O’Reilly, ‘people go after me’ and insisted that he doesn’t like having to be mean to fellow competitors like Jeb Bush

‘I don’t like doing it, I don’t like saying bad things about him,’ Trump told O’Reilly during a satellite interview before his rally in Mesa, Arizona. ‘I feel a little bit sorry for him, to be honest with you.’ 

Trump and Bush provided some of the biggest fireworks during Tuesday night’s Republican debate in Las Vegas, with Bush trying to hit Trump for some of his more bombastic statements, while the billionaire swatted back citing Bush’s falling poll numbers. 

The GOP front-runner said he only batted at Bush because the former governor of Florida kept laying into him,

‘But you have to understand,’ Trump said to O’Reilly. ‘He struck first, I mean, you know, it was all staged stuff.’ 

‘Some guy wrote it for him,’ Trump added. 

Continue reading: Daily Mail

Do you think a Trump/Cruz ticket is lining up? This would give Trump the conservative base that is at times missing. This ticket would also be giving us someone who has experience in Congress and a tea party favorite who could help line up the grassroots.

There of course is still a chance for Cruz to win the nomination and lots can and will happen between now and when the nominee is selected. But it certainly seems to be down to just a few candidates with a realistic shot.

The most important thing is to end the Obama tyranny and elect the Republican nominee instead of the Democrat.


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