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Obama: Full Speed Ahead for Resettlement of Syrian Refugees near San Bernardino


Since the cause of the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino is most likely due to climate change or America’s lax gun control laws, President Barack Obama sees no problem in accelerating the resettlement of Syrian refugees in America. This is how our President responds to terrorism.


In a story in Brietbart:

The U.S. State Department recently chose Redlands as the proposed site of a Syrian refugee settlement due to its already active Middle Eastern immigrant community. Catholic Charities was identified as a broker for the federal government program.

Citizens in Redlands, California took action in response to the area’s Muslim immigration threat, appearing before the town’s mayor in a public forum in October to voice their concerns.

Groups including Redlands Tea Party, Redlands Townhall, and Redlands Tea Party Patriots expressed concern about this issue, and two op-eds (HERE AND HERE) appeared in local publications.

The situation got so heated that the Islamic Center of Redlands held an “Open Mosque Day” in mid-October to try to quell the community’s concerns.

“I don’t care to be politically correct any longer. This is just a plan for disaster,” one concerned woman told town officials at the public forum in video footage obtained by Breitbart News:

Read more here:

So let me get this straight. There was “backlash” for the Muslim refugees resettlement near San Bernardino, but no one really cared because afterall, it was just a bunch of racist, right wing tea partiers expressing concern, and what do they know.

Well, they were probably asking all the right questions and not getting any answers, but isn’t that the way this “transparent” government has worked all along? I mean, why tell the American taxpayers THEY will be the ones footing the bill for the housing and other benefits of these Muslim refugees. THEY will also be the ones whose safety is at risk! But hey, we just need MORE stricter gun laws right? I mean who really cares if Obama wants to bring in about 85,000 more Syrian refugees into our country, after all, it’s not like they follow the Constitution. What do we care, right?

Well, I wouldn’t want to be Mayor Paul Foster who told the racist, right wing tea partiers that it wasn’t the city’s business to tell a parish not to sponsor refugees. D’OH! Any bets on his next election?




Written by Nancy Hayes

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