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Obama Facing Up To 10 Years To Life In Prison After His Term Ends!


Could Barack Obama be a felon?  Could he be charged and brought to trial?  Could he go to prison??

That depends on who you talk to, and if you talk to Judge Andrew Napolitano. The answer is a resounding “YES” to all three.  Listen for yourself.

Did Barack Obama “materially aid a terrorist organization”?

There are a lot of people who would say that releasing the Taliban Five was the least of his efforts when it comes to aiding Muslim terrorists.

Specifically, Barack Obama knowingly and willingly aided the enemy.  Napolitano deconstructs the Obama argument that they’re essentially under “house arrest” in Qatar by noting that Obama himself said they’d be back on the battlefield in no time.

The Judge also notes that “it’s a matter of interpretation.”  Given that Paul Ryan and the Republican Establishment just handed a spending bill to the President that accomplishes ALL of Obama’s goals and exactly none of the Republicans’ goals, I think it’s safe to say that “soon to be former” President Obama won’t be spending one day in court or jail.


The best we’ll see from this mess is Bowe Bergdahl at a general court martial, convicted, and doing life in prison.  Assuming he doesn’t get a Presidential pardon.


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