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Obama Bragging About Kicking Republican Ass all Year Long


Most of us are counting down the days until Obama leaves office, afterall, hasn’t he done enough damage to America.  Yet with all this damage, you would think GOP Republicans would be fighting tooth and nail, but the stupidity continues. We have another Boehner 2.0 with Speaker Ryan in place, who seems to be just continuing the same games with Obama and his administration. The games are so much in Obama’s favor that he recently gloated over the stupid Republicans.

The White House gloated Thursday that President Obama triumphed over Republican majorities on virtually all of his priorities in 2015, from a climate change pact to the Iran nuclear deal — most of which were accomplished by sidestepping Congress.

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At his final press briefing of the year, White House press secretary Josh Earnest launched into a long list of goals achieved this year by Mr. Obama, starting with the restoration of diplomatic ties with Cuba. He noted that Republicans failed to stop the move, and said it was “an indication of how much of the year has gone.”

“There were Republicans who walked into this session of Congress emboldened by their strong new majority in the Senate and their historically large majority in the House,” Mr. Earnest said. “But their opposition to many administration priorities melted away in the face of the administration’s determined and forceful effort to advance our agenda.”


That’s right, Mr. Earnest! We have a lot of STUPID Establishment Republicans who are acting NO different than the Democrats. In fact, many shouldn’t even have an (R) after their names, since many have voted more in alignment with Obama than Conservative, Constitutional Republicans. Is it any wonder that Americans are FED UP with Republicans and the “same old same old”?

First, they complained we needed to win the Congress. We did. Then, they complained we needed to win the majority in the Senate. We did. But now, it’s like………..

Hillary Clinton at senate hearing


I often can’t tell the difference from the Democrats and Republicans when it comes to the voting any more. I mean really? We gave Democrats Sanctuary cities. We gave them Planned Parenthood funding. We gave in on the Keystone Pipeline. We gave them funding for green energy. We gave in on more Syrian refugees. We gave them Obamacare. We gave them a nuclear deal with Iran. We gave them practically everything! We gave the Democrats and Obama everything they wanted! So, I say to you, Speaker Ryan, “What Difference Does It Make?”. Obama and the Democrats have been kicking our butts!

Then, on top of it, YOU says THIS:

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, said Thursday that the budget deal reached this week shows the GOP to be “an effective opposition party.”

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REALLY? Seriously? I just don’t see it the same way as you do, Speaker Ryan. We are not in opposition when it comes to dealing with the Democrats, and we are certainly NOT effective either. The lines have become BLURRED! Maybe there’s just too much lobbyists with their hands in too many pockets!

It’s time to clean house! It’s time for NEW leadership; leadership that we can trust to do the job! It’s time to return this country to the Constitution and REAL Conservatives. By the way, who’s leading in Iowa?



Written by Nancy Hayes

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