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Not So Fun to Stay At the “Y-M-C-A” for 15-year-old Girls in Seattle:


Is this a Village People reunion? When I was a kid, the “YMCA” stood for “Young Men’s Christian Association.”

With this latest revelation though, I think we can safely take out the word ‘Christian’ because the new locker room policy at the Y-M-C-A in Seattle now lets men shower with 15-year-old girls.


All you gotta do men is say you “identify” as a woman and – presto: Welcome to Porky’s..

PARDES SELEH at The Daily Wire reports that in April, the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties established a “no questions asked” policy, allowing open access to locker rooms without stating genders.

While this decision had been lauded by trans activists and several LGBTQ community members, the policy was met with overwhelming backlash on social media from the public and organization members, who feared the obvious consequences of allowing self-assigned gendered people to shower together with others.


“We’re a Christian organization and people come to us specifically because they think we’re promoting family,” a concerned employee told The Daily Wire.

The YMCA called an emergency meeting aimed at convincing members who opposed the policy that they were legally required to accept it in order to be more inclusive. Three days later, YMCA Marketing vice president Michelle LaRue announced a new policy that still left the adult YMCA locker rooms, which are intended for ages 15 and older, with the “open door” policy.

“Open Door” policy? Indeed.

Open to perverts, miscreants, testosterone-filled teenage boys and access to young girls – which is the whole point here – let’s be honest.

Not a single person involved in this is interested in anyone’s ‘rights’ or any discrimination. They only want your kids. Get the kids. Pick up a book on Alinsky, Marx, Mao or any other facist and it’ll all be there for you to see.

It takes a village full of idiots to let this crap continue. Seattle sounds about right.

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