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Norway Makes Unprecedented Move To Send Refugees Right Back Where They Came From


Obama should take a look at how the rest of the world is handling refugees. They know there are terrorists hiding among them. Even Muslims countries won’t take them.

Why isn’t there a place being set up near Syria for these refugees to stay? Instead they are being taken all around the world as a Muslim invasion.Norway-refugees

Boston is all too familiar with what to expect from Muslim refugees. And now California has to admit the same thing.

Liberals want to claim they are radicalized here, but why does that matter. In the words of a horrible philosophizer “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

Check it out:

The Norwegian government is paying asylum seekers to return to their home countries as the refugee crisis continues.

Thousands of kroner are being offered to each person who voluntarily leaves the country and they also have their flights paid for.

Katinka Hartmann, head of the immigration department’s return unit (UDI), said that many of the people arriving from Syria, Iraq, the Middle East and Africa expect to receive protection quickly and cannot wait the months or even years the process can take.

“They thought they would have the opportunity to work or take an education – and maybe even to get their family to Norway,” she told NRK television.

“Many cannot wait (for the asylum process to run its course). They have family at home who expect them to be able to help.

“For a long time, Norway has not been able to forcibly return people to Somalia, but now that we can, I think that more Somalis with an obligation to leave will opt for assisted return. 

“It’s important to have more initiatives of this kind in the future.”

The UDI’s figures show that more than 900 people have applied to take financial support to leave Norway so far.

A couple with two children can receive upwards of 80,000 kroner (£6,200) in addition to having their flights paid for.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which processes the Voluntary Assisted Return Programme requests and offers advice and counselling, described it as “safe and dignified”. 

Spokesperson Joost van der Aalst said the number of asylum seekers taking up the offer was rocketing, particularly among people attempting to bring their families to Norway.

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Radical Muslims love to hide in normal populations. Why they can’t just be happy among other radicals is explained in their book.

They believe they will one day rule the world under the will of Allah with Sharia Law as supreme rule of all.

Never forget that Muslims are encouraged to lie to infidels. It is in their book. Any who tell you different are just lying.

We must defeat them at all cost. Obama of course won’t do anything to stop them.

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