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Need a Pipe Bomb? Morgan’s Tavern in Riverside, California’s Got You Covered [VIDEO]


The two Muslims, who shocked their community when they murdered 14 people, had been planning some sort of Jihad for five years or more.  Police found not only guns and ammunition in their home, but numerous pipe bombs.  They lived in a bomb factory.  Completely unknown to their families and friends and the elders at their mosque.  And I’ve got some great swamp land for you just outside my home in Phoenix.

Syed Rizwan Farook reportedly often spoke about terrorism with regulars at a Riverside, California, bar he used to work at.

Regulars said that after a few drinks, Enrique Marquez – who hauled ice, cleaned bathrooms and checked IDs at Morgan’s Tavern – would talk about ‘sleeper cells just waiting’ to attack the United States, but no one took him seriously.

Marquez also revealed this week that he and Farook would build pipe bombs as a hobby, and that if he had built the ones that failed to go off during the December 2 shooting that killed 14, the bombs would have gone off, officials said.

Marquez was a Muslim convert.

The FBI is questioning Marquez, who apparently has not requested a lawyer.

It’s going to take so time to unravel everything, but so far it’s apparent that the couple – and Marquez – had been working on this for a long time and no one in their circle said a word.

Farook and his wife were just good, peace loving, Muslims.  As was their friend and neighbor Marquez.


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