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Muslims Offended by Calls to “Root Out Extremism”


Muslims are telling us where their loyalties lie.

Never has the saying if you are not with us you are against us been shown to be more truthful.

If Muslims don’t want to help root out terrorists, than they are supporting them.Muslims

It is way past time to end the political correctness and deal with Muslim like they deserve to be treated.

They are an evil cult that is an embarrassment of a religion. Trusting them has been a huge mistake in the history of our country.

Check it out:


Obviously asking the Muslim community to directly confront Islamic extremists within their midst is no doubt way overdue, and the fact that it took this administration seven plus years to finally request American Muslims to help “root out” this destructive element within their religion simply speaks volumes of this president’s lack of commitment to fight Islamic extremism.

Or perhaps Obama’s reluctance to confront American Muslims was predicated on the knowledge that there would be a backlash by those so-called “moderate Muslims” for being singled out.

“We would never ask any other faith community to stand up and condemn acts of violence committed by people within their groups,” said Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, who has worked extensively with the Black Lives Matter movement and other minority groups. “The fact that this is only directed at the Muslim community is something that I personally can’t accept.”

“That this is only directed at the Muslim community is something that I personally can’t accept,” said Linda Sarsour Obama’s request to American Muslims.


Perhaps the fact that over 70% of all “world wide” terrorist acts are committed by Sunni Muslims or approximately 12,533 terrorist murders in the world last year, according to a report by the National Counter-terrorism Center (NCTC), would be incentive enough for “moderate  Muslims to help.

Continue reading: US Herald

Obama has certainly done everything he can to help Muslims. His horrible relationship with Israel has strengthened the terrorist resolve and endangered the world.

People want to go on about how Obama isn’t a Muslim, but he certainly has more in common with them than the supposed Christian faith he claims.

Terrorists are at an all-time high because of Obama. Sadly this will also make America a very dangerous place soon.


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