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Muslims Attempt to Fool With Fake “Islamic Military Alliance”


Do Muslims take us for fools? They must. They set up this little fake alliance that claims it is going to do something, but when you look at the details it is laughable.

Sadly this is the typical response from Muslims when dealing with terrorism. Of course this will be their attempt to say see we are doing something.Muslims

The saddest part is when you read their book you will know it is ok for them to lie to infidels. Looking away as their Muslim brothers commit terrorist acts is all part of the show.

Check it out:

This week, Saudi Arabia announced that it was forming a new “Islamic military alliance” devoted to fighting global terrorism. The plan stemmed from the “keenness of the Muslim world to fight this disease, which affected the Islamic world first, before the international community as a whole,” Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman told reporters during a rare news conference.

In many ways, this alliance seems designed to calm Western critics who have frequently complained that the Muslim world isn’t doing enough to combat terrorism and extremism. However, the details of the planned alliance are more than a little unclear and have left some scratching their heads, unsure who exactly is in the alliance and what it is actually designed to do.

And as you can see, much of the reaction on social media hasn’t been positive.

Saudi Arabia has tried hard recently to convince the West that it is taking the lead on tackling the problems of extremism and terrorism. But it’s no exaggeration to say there are some perplexing aspects to this new alliance.

First, some of the countries apparently in the alliance claim to have never heard of it

A total of 34 nations have been declared as members of the alliance, but already some countries have come out to say that they never agreed to anything.

“We came to know about it (the alliance) through news reports,” a senior official of Pakistan’s Foreign Office told the Express Tribune after the announcement. “We have asked our ambassador in Saudi Arabia to get details on it.” Another unnamed individual told the newspaper that they were unsure whether they were part of any military alliance and noted that the country would not get involved in an alliance without United Nations backing.

Pakistan isn’t the only country that got a surprise with the list. The governments of Malaysia and Lebanon have also suggested they knew little about the alliance that they were listed as a part of.

Other countries listed as being part of the alliance do not have Muslim majorities

Confusingly, while the Saudi government suggested its members came from “all over the Islamic world,” a number of the countries listed as members do not have Muslim majorities. For example, over 80 percent of Uganda is Christian, while as much as 75 percent of Gabon is Christian. In Benin, thelargest religion is Catholicism, and in Togo, the majority of the populationholds indigenous beliefs.

Continue reading: Washington Post

The idea of Muslims being the religion of peace is a joke.

When you see them cheering at terrorist events or staying silent it certainly is telling.

You never see them stand up and say it is wrong. The problem isn’t radical Muslims, it is that Muslims are radical.


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