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Muslim Family Cries Racism After Being Kicked Off Plane, But Look What We Just Caught Them Doing


How many of you, as Americans, believe Muslims going in and out of our country should be able to travel freely – whenever and wherever? I mean surely we can’t be called “racist” because we just want to protect and secure our nation and our own citizens, right? What’s a few bombings, beheadings and mutilated girls, right?

So when someone calls “foul” on America’s heightened measures of security, I really have no sympathy for them, especially if they have a Taliban FB account. Then, on top of that, they go and whine to the Brits. Oh woe is me.

In a story on The Guardian:


The prime minister is facing calls to challenge the US over its refusal to allow a British Muslim family to board a flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles, to visit Disneyland.

Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, has written to the prime minister after a family party of 11, about to embark on a dream holiday for which they had saved for months, were approached by officials from US homeland security as they queued in the departure lounge and told their authorisation to travel had been cancelled, without further explanation.

Creasy said she is concerned that a growing number of British Muslims are saying they have had similar experiences of being barred from the US without being told the reasons for the exclusion.

Speaking to the Guardian, Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, who was travelling with his brother and nine of their children aged between eight and 19, said they had been given no explanation for the last minute cancellation, but he believed the reason was obvious: “It’s because of the attacks on America – they think every Muslim poses a threat.”

DUH! That and the fact you post to a Taliban FB account! H-E-L-L-O! The Brits and Obama may be stupid enough to believe you, but not all Americans are falling for it! Maybe you’ve heard the name Syed Farook – you know, that recent Radical Islamic Terrorist who killed a few innocent Americans in San Bernardino, California. You may have heard of him, since some of your same relatives that are claiming “racism” probably worshipped at the same mosque as Syed. Oops! Did we forget to tell you that? Silly us? How about next time we just stamp on your passport, “DO NOT ADMIT! Radical Islamic Terrorists NOT wanted in America!” Would that have been more clear for you? Maybe you shouldn’t wear a shirt that is printed with the words “Federal Bureau of Islam” either. But then again, maybe that was our first sign. So you can cry all you want to the Brits about America’s “racism”, but maybe after innocent lives are lost, we tend to have not much sympathy for those that are connected to any Radical Islamic Terrorists or have any signs connected to them – you know like that silly FB account or your silly shirt! 

God Bless America!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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