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Miss Puerto Rico Gets Liberal Politically Correct Treatment


You would think liberals would be attacking these beauty pageants about womanizing. Instead they are going after honest commentary.

You can’t tell the truth around liberals.

It offends them and to be honest, it really confuses them.

Here’s an example BELOW: Destiny Velez, Miss Puerto RicoMissPuertoRico

Liberals have so many lies twisted into their theories on everything that there is no way for them to be honest on anything.

Liberals fear the truth since it doesn’t fit into their government control of everything.

Check it out:

Miss Puerto Rico suspended for anti-Islam rant accusing Muslims of ‘terrorizing’ the USA

  • Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez, 20, has been indefinitely suspended by the official Miss America Organization
  • Velez sent a series of anti-Muslim tweets directed at filmmaker Michael Moore after he shared a photo of himself protesting in New York City
  • In the photo, Moore is holding a sign that reads ‘We are all Muslim’ outside of Trump Tower in response to Donald Trump‘s comments about Muslims
  • Velez tweeted: Muslims have ‘terrorizing agendas’ and ‘All what Muslims have done is provided oil & terrorize this country & many others’
  • The Miss Puerto Rico Organization apologized and said ‘her actions were in contradiction to the organization’  

Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez has been indefinitely suspended by the official Miss America Organization after sending a series of offensive anti-Muslim messages on Twitter. 

Velez, 20, launched an anti-Muslim tirade at filmmaker Michael Moore on Thursday after he shared a photo of himself outside of Trump Tower in New York City with a sign reading: ‘We are all Muslim.’ 

Moore’s photo was in response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US, which inspired the hashtag #WeAreAllMuslim on social media. 

The former beauty queen sent a number of tweets directed to Moore including one that said Muslims have ‘terrorizing agendas,’ according to a grab of the tweets obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The brunette beauty wrote: ‘Muslims use our constitution (sic) to terrorize USA & plant gas stations.’ 

Another tweet that Velez directed to the filmmaker said: ‘All what Muslims have done is provided oil & terrorize this country & many others.’

She added: ‘There’s NO comparison between Jews, Christians & Muslims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books.’ 

Her tweets sparked a furious backlash online, with many Twitter users calling her a bully with the hashtag #nonosrepresentas, which translates from Spanish to ‘you don’t represent us.’ 

The Miss Puerto Rico Organization released a statement Saturday saying that she had been suspended indefinitely.

Continue reading: Daily Mail

What is wrong with quoting Muslims own book at them? Somehow facts aren’t allowed into discussions dealing with Muslims.

Liberals and their preaching of the religion of peace is a joke. There is nothing peaceful about the greatest lie ever told.

History will show how foolish we were in dealing with terrorists.


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