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Michelle Obama Gets Served… But This Time It’s A Lawsuit


Michelle Obama gets served by everyone.  She’s forgotten – or more likely, never knew – the concept that she’s supposed to be a public servant.

15-1219 MO1

Michelle looks at her time in the House of Many Colors as a vacation.  Literally.  After all, she’s spent about $70 million on vacations in the last seven years.

15-1219 MO2

Could it be the chickens are coming home to roost?

After a request for records regarding a trip to Spain that the press called a “whirlwind tour” and after consistently being denied access to records regarding the cost to taxpayers for the Obama’s trip.

The Obama’s trip to Spain took place in August of 2010. The injunction to have the numbers released regarding the amount of money spent on the trip was filed in 2011 but no facts or figures were ever turned over.

That’s problematic.

As a result of the lack of transparency, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit. And they’re perfectly justified in doing so.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, known colloquially as FOIA, private citizens can request public documents and records. In the case of Michelle’s lavish, Spanish vacation, those records haven’t been seen by anyone outside of the government.

Judicial Watch has to be the fly in the ointment of the Obama’s regal tour of the last seven years.  It would be wonderful to see Barack & Michelle get stuck for a few million of personal expenses when they leave office.


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