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Mark Levin: Rubio Goes Alinsky on Cruz, Not Going to Work!


When “The Great One” speaks people listen, over 7 million on a weekly basis. Mark Levin is an American lawyer, author and syndicated radio show host. On Tuesday, Levin came out with a great article again standing up for the “most Consistently, Conservative Candidate Running” for President…..Sen. Ted Cruz. He criticized Rubio for using Alinksy tactics on Cruz.


In an article on Conservative Review, Mark Levin writes:

I was among the first national radio hosts to support Marco Rubio in his uphill Republican primary campaign for the Senate against the unprincipled Florida Governor Charlie Crist.  Back then, he ran as an unabashed Tea Party conservative.  I also supported Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, among others, in their campaigns against the entrenched GOP establishment.  But soon after arriving in Washington, Rubio decided to throw in with these politicians – including John McCain and Lindsey Graham and take an active leadership role in the Gang of Eight fiasco.  As he runs for the Republican presidential nomination, Rubio has attempted to redefine his position on immigration yet again, resulting in his utter incoherence on the subject.

Moreover, Rubio’s views on foreign policy are also more in line with McCain-Graham pseudo-conservativism.  It is a kind of naïve and radical interventionism, involving endless demands for American ground forces, that President Ronald Reagan would never have supported – and did not.  For example, Rubio’s support for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, joining with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and, of course, McCain and Graham, has not led to democracy.  Instead, Libya has become another extremely dangerous and growing stronghold for Islamic terrorists and a direct threat to our country.  “Democracy projects” have also led to the overthrow of the Shah of Iran during Jimmy Carter’s presidency, ushering in the current Islamic terrorist state that directly threatens America, as well as the more recent rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which was eventually ousted by the Egyptian military, and so forth.  Democracy requires more than an election.  It requires, first and foremost, a civil society.  I’ve talked about this a great length on my radio program.

But my commentary here is not intended as a thorough analysis of immigration and foreign policies, which may come in a later essay.  This is a friendly warning to Marco Rubio and his campaign donors, advisers, and consultants that they cannot wash away some of Rubio’s less than stellar legislative actions and related positions and pronouncements by embracing and unleashing Saul Alinsky-type tactics against Ted Cruz or other conservatives.  Such unprincipled ambition has not and will not go unnoticed by conservatives.

Rather than proudly standing on his own record, and contrasting his positions honestly with those of Cruz, the latter of whom is clearly the more conservative and anti-establishment candidate, Rubio and his surrogates have launched a propaganda campaign against Cruz in a deceitful attempt to distort his record.  As an activist in Ronald Reagan’s 1976 and 1980 primary and general election campaigns for president, I can tell you this is also something Reagan did not do as he was proud of his record and sought a true battle over ideas with the GOP establishment and liberal Democrats.  However, his primary and general election opponents over the years — Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, or Walter Mondale — preferred the route Rubio has now taken – distortion and personal smears.

The “Cruz voted against Israel” Smear

Now let’s get to specifics.  Did you know that Ted Cruz is not supportive of Israel?  For anyone who has followed Cruz’s career, it would be like accusing Jeff Sessions of supporting amnesty.  Oh wait, Rubio has already done that.

The Rubio campaign has also accused Cruz of being weak on immigration, weak on national security, and even supportive of Syria’s Assad!   And we conservatives are supposedly so stupid we will fall for all of it!

At each stage, there has been an almost seamless coordination with Republican establishment media at the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Weekly Standard and Commentary Magazine, to do the bidding of the Rubio campaign – no matter how false and preposterous the assertion.

Late last week, the Weekly Standard obsequiously peddled the Rubio campaign attack that Cruz voted to cut funding for Israel’s defense as part of his support for Rand Paul’s budget in 2013.  The Rubio transcribers there are claiming that the Paul budget, which balanced the budget in 5 years, “among other cuts, slashed defense funding and international aid, including aid to Israel.”

This is breathtakingly dishonest.  Aside from Cruz and Paul, 16 other Republicans, including Mike Lee, Tom Coburn and Jeff Sessions, voted for the budget. The notion that one can pull out any single provision of a massive budget, which doesn’t set policy, in order to attack an opponent is wittingly disingenuous, as witnessed by some of the pro-Israel conservative champions who voted for it. …

A cursory glance at Cruz’s brief career in the Senate reveals a record of standing for Israel on more fronts and with more force than any other senator in modern history, including Rubio, who is undoubtedly a supporter of Israel as well.

There was perhaps no vote that had a more deleterious effect on Israel than the nomination by Obama of John Kerry for Secretary of State.  Rubio supported the nomination and voted to confirm Kerry. Cruz was one of only three Republicans to oppose him.  And Kerry has been an unmitigated disaster across a wide range of foreign policy issues.

Cruz’s other pro-Israel actions include:

  • A bill to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem
  • Using his subcommittee chairmanship to conduct hearings on Obama’s refusal to follow a court order and grant restitution to American victims of terror in Israel.
  • Introducing legislation to designate the Muslim Brotherhood, a sister of Hamas, as a terror group.
  • During the Israel-Hamas war, when Obama imposed a de facto travel embargo on Israel, Cruz shut it down within 24 hours after he threatened to block all State Department nominees from confirmation.
  • Nobody did more to fight the Iran deal harnessing every messaging tool at his disposal.  

Rubio’s major legislative achievement in the Senate was the Gang of Eight travesty.

Read more here from “The Great One”.

I have to agree with Levin. Rubio has been missing key votes on important issues. Rubio’s Gang of Eight would have created open borders and an unlimited new pipelines of refugees, as Levin explains. Yet in his recent TV ad, he seems to project he would be the ONLY candidate to protect our country. REALLY? Seriously? I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying this BS. In another important move, Rubio refused to vote for Rand Paul’s plan to pause the flow of refugees entering our country from the Middle East. I thought Rubio said in his recent TV ad he was “for national security”.

Levin goes on to say “Cruz fought tooth and nail to block the Gang of Eight bill.  Rubio championed it.  Cruz has led the fight against DACA, DAPA, sanctuary cities, and Obama’s lawless refugee policies, while Rubio has remained largely silent.   Truth matters.” In case you haven’t read Cruz’s recent book, let me introduce you to it:

download (1)





Written by Nancy Hayes

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