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Is a Marco Rubio “mistress bombshell” About to Explode? Does This Explain his $$ Problems?


It’s that time of the season again, where desperate people start floating and spreading rumors or even well-known arrangements about a primary candidate having a philandering issue..

This time, it’s pretty-boy GOP contender Marco Rubio, who is.. um.. surging in the polls.

Boy did that come out wrong.


Allegedly, some opposition research being mined while trying to find some dirt about Rubio’s much talked-about  disastrous personal finances, turned up an alleged dalliance with a Washington lobbyist (hey – what better way to sway your Congressman, eh?).

But who could be behind this possible slander / bombshell / dirty tricks / eruption? Who is Rubio taking votes from… who’s also in Florida…?

Speaking of Florida, I go there a lot and I’m tellling you right now after Rubio got elected to the Senate by a tsunami of Tea Party activists – then stabbed them in the back with his support of Amnesty – this guy couldn’t get elected dog catcher in The Sunshine State.

So he’d better hope somebody picks him for VP or he may as well move to Washington D.C.; get a job as a Pro Backstabber and be closer to her apartment, whoever she might be.

I’m actually amazed his competitors, save for Donald Trump, aren’t going after Rubio’s seemingly lack of financial management skills.

Much of the finance thing concerns Rubio’s Black Am-Ex card from the “Republican” party of Florida while he was Florida’s Speaker of the House during the late 2000s. Rubio charged more than $100,000 on the card, allegedly mixing personal and political expenses on a regular basis. Red flag for a mistress for most folks in the know (just ask John Edwards).

But an investigation uncovered stuff like the family minivan repairs, food and booze for a family reunion, a $133 haircut, yada yada… all the while using the party “corporate card” meant to be used exclusively “for business expenses.”

Rubio successfully defended himself against the allegations during his 2010 U.S. Senate race, but now it’s coming up again with the charges he’s also been having an affair. Trump alluded to it during a debate and a moderator tried to pin him down on it, but Rubio always brushes it off as a dirty Democrat attack.

In classic politician style, a whole bunch of those records related to the Florida GOP credit card scandal have yet to be released, because Rubio refused to release several years of records during his 2010 U.S. Senate race.

Classic. And this is the guy we were supposed to trust to go to DC to clean up the Republican Party. Nice try, Florida. Which brings me to Jeb Bush.


Not only is this dope not smart enough to reserve his own domain name (go to for a laugh), but many think he may be behind the whisper campaign about Rubio and the lady who ain’t his wife:

Of course you gotta go to the British tabloids to get anything done around here:

Marco Rubio’s PAC spent more than $40,000 trying to debunk the whispers that had long haunted the Florida Republican: that he had a ‘zipper problem,’ mistresses and a love child.
Researchers didn’t find any compelling evidence of infidelity, but what Rubio allies did find was that the constant ‘drip drip’ of gossip came from a handful of South Florida Republicans who are now politically aligned with rival Jeb Bush.

Buzzfeed reporter McKay Coppins outlined the tenuous relationship between team Rubio and team Bush in an excerpt of his forthcoming book, ‘The Wilderness,’ explaining that Bush’s people wanted Rubio sidelined before the 2016 race even began and tried using mistress gossip to do so.

Want another laugh? Go to – it’s owned by a gay couple in Oregon and both and lead to links for Halloween costumes and online master’s degrees… Just thought I’d throw that in there for those of you thinking about voting for either of these two clowns..

You want a really solid reason from a solid guy to not vote for Rubio? Here you go:

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