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Man Escapes Death by Mere Inches!


So here’s a guy driving down the road, minding his own business when THIS happens. If he didn’t believe in angels I bet he does now. If there was ever a time to renew his faith – that time is NOW.


In a story on Daily Mail:

A driver miraculously escaped being impaled by a large steel beam that flew off of a truck in front of him and smashed through the window of his car.

The solo driver, whom authorities did not identify, was driving Friday afternoon around 2pm on southbound Interstate 280 in San Jose, California when a tray loader on the back of a truck came loose and flew off, bounced off the road, and then slammed right into the windshield of the man’s black BMW.

Firefighters who responded to the scene said he escaped with ‘only a scratch.’

The department tweeted a photo of the lucky escape and wrote, ‘Always be alert to your surroundings.’

A picture shows the enormous metal tray speared straight down the center of the car’s front window.

The driver was able to pull to the side of the road, and escaped with only a scratch on his arm, reports SF Gate.

Holy Cow! Talk about a miracle! Can you image a large beam bouncing off the road in front of you while you are driving and then shooting straight through your windshield? You have split seconds to think. When you finally snap out of shock, you realize that you just had a close “brush with death”. Then you realize, how fortunate and blessed you really are.

This man was either very lucky or there was truly a guardian angel protecting him on this day. I believe there are two things we can not control, the day we are born and the day we die. On this day, it was just not his time. God must have bigger plans in store for him.

One thing is for certain – it’s truly a miracle there were no scratches on his car and only a few scratches on him. Sometimes miracles happen for a reason. Maybe miracles are around us every day if we just look closely and have a little faith. Miracles happen for those who believe.

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