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Lunch Lady Forced to Hire Attorney After Doing This to Poor Hungry Child [VIDEO]


Ah, the lunch lady – ever derided, ever poked fun at, but there’s nothing funny about what has happened to Dalene Bowden in Pocatella, Idaho after taking pity on a poor, hungry child.

She had the temerity to give the girl a $1.75 meal because she had no money.

The lunch lady has been fired.

I’m not apologizing and I would do exactly the same thing again regardless of the consequences,’ Bowden wrote online. ‘I love my job. I really do. This just breaks my heart, and I was in the wrong, but what do you do when the kid tells you that they’re hungry, and they don’t have any money? I handed her the tray.’

‘I got fired for having a heart.’

Bowden lost her job at Irving Middle School last week. She said she was working as a server last Tuesday when a 12-year-old girl told her she didn’t have any money and was hungry.

“So I handed her the food, and said ‘here, we’ll take care of it in a minute,'” she said.

Bowden’s supervisor saw what happened and reported her.

“He said I was on permanent leave until he called me – I should not call them, he will call me,” she said. “And they never called me… then I got the letter.”

The letter, signed and written by School District 25’s Director of Human Resources, informed Bowden that she was being terminated for theft.

Bowden, who says she’s a breast cancer survivor, had worked at the school for three years and last year during an assembly, the kids gave her a standing ovation when her face and name came on the screen. ‘That’s probably why the girl came to me when she didn’t have any money,’ she said.

Bowden admits she’d already once received a warning about her generous nature – she’d once given a kid a free cookie.

Hah! Multiple offenses!

Watch out Lady – three strikes and you’re OUT!!!

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