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Love Needs a Hero


The reaction of the Knoxville Police Chief in the video below will tell you everything you need to know about this story.  In Knoxville the hero died.

Zaevion Dobson was 15 years old.  At Christmas time he gave his life for his friends.

The first person shot was Lisa Perry, 46, who was inside her apartment at the time. She is expected to survive.

Rausch said Perry’s 23-year-old son, Brandon Perry, and several other men then drove to the neighborhood where Dobson lived and “randomly fired multiple times.”

The girls shielded by Dobson were not hurt, he said.


[I]nvestigators think the shootings are gang-related, but he said there didn’t appear to be a motive to target Dobson.

“Unfortunately, they picked a random group of young men and women who were just hanging out and trying to prepare to celebrate the holiday,” he said.


Dobson was a sophomore at Fulton High School in northern Knoxville. The school brought in counselors to speak to students taking makeup tests Friday morning.

“He was really one of our success stories,” said Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero. “Involved in sports, a mentee of one of our organizations in town. But still he falls victim to this.”

Rob Black, the coach of the Fulton football team, called Dobson a “fine, fine young man.”

This is a twofold tragedy.  It’s a horrible tragedy for Dobson and his family and for the community to lose a fine young man with a bright future.

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The bigger tragedy is that not a peep will be heard from #BlackLivesMatter, from President Barack Obama, or from the Al Sharpton crowd. Their effort goes to whining about punks like Freddie Gray.  They don’t give a damn about Zaevion Dobson or the cold blooded murderers who took a bright star out of the community.

If Barack Obama had a son he’d have been one of Zaevion’s shooters.


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