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Where Were These Locker Rooms When I Was in School?


Given today’s rules all of my high school sports team would have been populated with “transgender girls.”

Here’s the state of stupidity and amorality being forced on the nation by Barack Obama’s Department of “Education.”

Facings federal threats of lost millions in funding for the children of taxpaying parents, a school district in the suburbs of Chicago voted on Thursday to allow a male high school student who dresses like a girl and otherwise identifies as female to use the girls’ locker room and shower there.

Yep, he gets to share the girls locker room.

15-1208 Trans1

Now I’ll freely admit I have no idea what goes on in a girls locker room.  I’ve never been in one.  But I’ve got an idea that the girls wander around in various stages of undress.  Exactly the place where I would NOT want an adolescent boy – without regard that he thinks he’s a “girl” – hanging out.  Literally.  Hanging out.

Some of the parents of girls share my opinion.

Many parents and community members were unhappy with the 5-2 vote school board vote in favor of the settlement. They showed up at a school board meeting in the Conant High School cafeteria in the city of Hoffman Estates on Wednesday evening to vent their anger about the agreement.

Some displeased denizens brought signs. “Settling is losing” read one, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“I’m not intolerant, and I’m not a bigot,” Jeff Miller, parent of a district daughter, said at the meeting, according to the Tribune. “People have the right in this country to live their lives the way they see fit, and I respect that. When it starts infringing on other people’s rights, that’s when it becomes a problem.”

I’m more than a little shocked that all parents don’t feel this way, but some of the Democrats in the school district – it is in Chicago after all – are pleased with the settlement.

Hey, maybe Chicago’s Muslims will sue the district and they’ll back down.

15-1208 Trans2

Putting your children in public school is child abuse.


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