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Liberal Leaders: American Flag is Hate Speech


We allow idiots to have freedom of speech to call the American flag hateful. The sad part is that others listen to them and take them seriously.

What is the fix here? Certainly we don’t want to take away their freedom of speech. But there must be a way to legislate a Freedom Protection Amendment. Allowing this stuff to be taught is wrong and allowing this type of resolution should be unconstitutional.

Once we start down a path of giving up freedom forever will it dominate our ways. And we are certainly seeing that today.

Check it out:


In an interview posted on, political satirist Ami Horowitz interviewed UC Irvine student Matthew Guevara. Guevara explained his resolution, which banned the American flag in some spaces on campus and declared it to represent “hate speech.”

“[The American flag] made people feel very uncomfortable and unsafe in that room,” Guevara said.

Guevara’s resolution passed by a 6-to-4 vote back in March. In the interview, he explained what prompted him to promote such a resolution.

“It was creating a very hostile environment just because of this flag being in the room,” he continued. “It doesn’t make people feel welcome at all to where people wouldn’t go in the space anymore because it was on the wall.”

Horowitz proposed to Guevara that there was a “legitimate view” that the flag represents hate speech.

“Yeah, exactly,” Guevara replied. “It’s a tool to silence people.”

He went on to say he would have been as equally uncomfortable with the Nazi or ISIS flag hanging in the room as he was the American flag, adding that the United States is the most evil in the world.

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Punishment for a violation of the Freedom Protection Amendment will ironically be loss of freedom.

Sadly our country doesn’t punish much anymore. Our jails have turned into more of a gang zone for recruiting and terrorizing allowing hardened criminals to become more evil.

We need to get back to a chain gang approach. If you put people to work in jail they will try and avoid it like the plague. Giving them nice meals, cable TV, and great weight rooms is almost like sending them away to summer camp.

Time to stand up against those who try and take our freedom.


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