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Liberal Grinches Ruin Every Holiday For Students


Is there a holiday left that liberals haven’t ruined for college students?

Haven’t watered down, exploited to push their narrative, attached a list of politically correct rules to?



Is there a holiday left that liberals haven’t ruined for college students? Haven’t watered down, exploited to push their narrative, attached a list of politically correct rules to?

Take Halloween. Every year, college students across the nation are lectured about their insensitive, racist costume choices. They’re admonished: “It’s a culture, not a costume.”

This year, administrators took it a step further. They actively encouraged students to nark on peers if they saw a costume that dared ignore the PC list of do’s and don’ts. waronchristmas2

The campus Gestapo literally put up “see something, say something” posters at many campuses.

Next is Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year when liberal professors tout their mantra that the commemoration is actually a racist celebration of imperialism and genocide. But this year, some professors and students stopped saying the word “Thanksgiving” altogether. Instead they changed the third week of November to “Fall Break.”

Now comes the most hated celebration of all: Christmas. Because Christmas includes “Christ” – as in Jesus Christ – one of the most feared, despised topics among condescending academics who tell students “There is no God” and humans are just advanced apes.

In just the last two weeks, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville told the campus community their holiday parties better not be Christmas parties in disguise. There’s Cornell University condemning decorations such as angels, Nativity scenes and the Star of David.

A Christian student musical group at James Madison University was forbidden from singing a Christmas song about baby Jesus at a campus tree-lighting ceremony. Ole Miss changed the name of its annual “Grand Ole Christmas” event to “Hotty Toddy Holiday,” because, as an organizer put it: “Grand Ole Christmas – it connoted too much Christianity on campus and so we wanted to have a more inclusive environment for the holidays this year.”

Christians are one of the last remaining subsets of college students who are openly ridiculed and discriminated against for their beliefs. (The other subsets are Jewish students, pro-life students, students who deny global warming, and students who claim there is no college rape epidemic. Oh, and students who say Black Lives Matter protests are overblown.)

Meanwhile, liberals leave a wake of holiday destruction in their path.

Careful, college men – next comes New Year’s Eve. If you dare give your special lady a kiss at the stroke of midnight without first obtaining her verbal consent, your name might end up before a campus high inquisitor for alleged rape.


Jennifer Kabbany

Editor | The College Fix



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