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Leaked Documents in Alabama Reveal Pattern of Planting Drugs and Weapons on Black Suspects. Bad. Wrong.


As regular readers of Joe For America know, our motto – which originated with our guy Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, is; “It’s not about right and left. It’s about right and wrong.”

And this is WRONG. Very WRONG: There is NO excuse for violating anybody’s Civil Rights regardless of circumstances.

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Excerpts from a story by

The Alabama Justice Project has obtained documents that reveal a Dothan Police Department’s Internal Affairs investigation was covered up by the district attorney. A group of up to a dozen police officers on a specialized narcotics team were found to have planted drugs and weapons on young black men for years. They were supervised at the time by Lt. Steve Parrish, current Dothan Police Chief, and Sgt. Andy Hughes, current Asst. Director of Homeland Security for the State of Alabama. All of the officers reportedly were members of a Neoconfederate organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center labels “racial extremists.” The group has advocated for blacks to return to Africa, published that the civil rights movement is really a Jewish conspiracy, and that blacks have lower IQ’s . Both Parrish and Hughes held leadership positions in the group and are pictured above holding a confederate battle flag at one of the club’s secret meetings.

The documents shared reveal that the internal affairs investigation was covered up to protect the aforementioned officers’ law enforcement careers and keep them from being criminally prosecuted.

Several long term Dothan law enforcement officers, all part of an original group that initiated the investigation, believe the public has a right to know that the Dothan Police Department, and District Attorney Doug Valeska, targeted young black men by planting drugs and weapons on them over a decade. Most of the young men were prosecuted, many sentenced to prison, and some are still in prison. Many of the officers involved were subsequently promoted and are in leadership positions in law enforcement. They hope the mood of the country is one that demands action and that the US Department of Justice will intervene.

The group of officers requested they be granted anonymity, and shared hundreds of files from the Internal Affairs Division. They reveal a pattern of criminal behavior from within the highest levels of the Dothan Police Department and the district attorney’s office in the 20th Judicial District of Alabama. Multiple current and former officers have agreed to testify if United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch appoints a special prosecutor from outside the state of Alabama, or before a Congressional hearing. The officers believe that there are currently nearly a thousand wrongful convictions resulting in felonies from the 20th Judicial District that are tied to planted drugs and weapons..

Again, even if (and I say “IF” because there is no report any of these “young black men” as described committed actual crimes) have rap sheets a mile long and were known drug dealers and the illegal activity on the part of the police benefited the community as a whole; I Repeat: There is NO excuse for violating anybody’s Civil Rights regardless of circumstances – **cough **cough Lois Lerner **cough..

If these allegations are confirmed by fair and thorough investigation (good luck with that one Obama Justice Department) – then these cops are even lazier than they are corrupt. How about let’s work toward having all immigration and police forces do the hard work and do it right (which the vast majority of them do).

How about start with less militarization of police forces, with the resulting animous and replace it with good ole’ fashioned community policing where the neighborhood folks know the police who are walking the beat?

How about at the same time let’s start encouraging small and large business, END illegal immigration which harms “young black men” more than anyone, education reform with private and charter schoold and job opportunities for “young black men” in those areas so they have an alternative to selling and using drugs?

But guess what?

Job One would be to get rid of liberals and Obama who are blocking those solutions. Vote conservative. It’s the history of what’s right and wrong and what does and doesn’t work.

Crap like this perpetuates exactly how blacks feel they’ve been and are being oppressed.
black on flag

Whether they’re justified in feeling that way is not the issue. The issue is right vs. wrong.

Liberal ideas don’t work and as a result, neither do “young black men.” Share the living daylights out of this – it’s important.

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