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As Jeb Crashes, TeamJeb Sets it’s Sights on ‘Judas’ Marco Rubio


Many of Jeb Bush’s  longest-serving advisers view Marco Rubio’s run as a personal betrayal and they are itching to get revenge, as reported by RedState.

Jeb persuaded important donors to endorse Rubio for his Senate race. He also backed his bid for House speaker in Florida.

RedState reported that some of Mr. Bush’s closest allies call Rubio “Judas”.

It is reported that some of Mr. Bush’s close allies call Rubio “Judas”.

It is reported that some of Mr. Bush’s close allies call Rubio “Judas”.

Jeb had built his strategy early on with it in mind that Rubio would not enter the race, and then he did.

It has been a thorn in the side of the Jeb campaign ever since, of course splitting support especially in Florida itself.

Jeb was already in trouble in Florida early in the year, when relatively unknown Scott Walker began to tie Jeb in some polls. That was horrendous for a popular governor.

If Jeb could not take his own state, how could he win the primary battle?

The last few months have Jeb many times in 4th and 5th place in his own home state. Rubio is a big contributor to that serious problem.

As far back as October, the word was that Jeb’s advisers have a “Growing Contempt” for Rubio.

But Rubio, albeit a huge factor in Jeb’s problem with a path to win, is not his only huge hinderance.

Jeb, although a popular and rather accomplished governor, entered this race with giant millstone around his campaign. His last name.

Jeb’s name problem is two fold. The first is huge. Even among those who might agree with and like him, simply going down the road of a third Bush term is just not digestible. Whether they like Jeb as a candidate, or not. Whether they liked Bush 41 and 43, or not. They just do not want to go there.

The second problem has to do with the legacies of his father and brother.

Illegitimate or not, Bush 43 had some serious baggage as he left the White House. He was one of the most unpopular departing presidents in U.S.  history. A CBS News/New York Times poll gave him a final approval rating of 22%.

Jeb has spent almost as much as ALL the other candidates combined with little to show for it.

Jeb has spent almost as much as ALL the other candidates combined with little to show for it.

Having Bush 41 as a father has it’s baggage as well. George H.W. Bush lost his re-election to a second term and was blamed for a weak economy.

Although Jeb’s personal name does not have the same recognition as his famous last name, the fact that he is presently flailing in the polls is a huge problem for his campaign. His campaign team has been fully aware of this problem and has purposely worked hard to distance the name Jeb from the name Bush.

As Philip Rucker points out in the Washington Post:

The campaign stickers… say, “Jeb!” with no hint of the Bush name that comes after.

So we will wait and watch. It is pretty predictable at this point, as Jeb is at the bottom of the pack in all of the upcoming primary states, and as he has spent almost as much as ALL the other candidates combined with little to show for it, that Jeb will not win this.

What he does to affect the other candidates involved, like Rubio, we will just have to wait and see.




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