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Idiot Liberal Press Does This to the San Bernardino Massacre Crime Scene *UPDATE*


Our guy Howard Portnoy at Liberty Unyielding has the latest update of the slaughter in San Bernardino by the husband and wife Religion of Peace duo:

Yes, the shooters were put down by police, but if they didn’t we’d have a pretty big problem in court because the liberal press decided to go to their house and traipse all over the crime scene!

Did they know they were screwing up a potential capitol murder case? You tell me:


Howard postulates that the intent of this three-hour tour may have had political undertones.

In persuading the landlord of the apartment that was home to Syed Rizwan Farook to pry off a board sealing the entrance, reporters with major news outlets may have seen themselves as performing a public service: that of showing that Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, were just your ordinary young family, complete with photo album, a home computer, and even a bowl of mixed nuts on a table in the living room.

Whether their motive was political or a lust for ratings, everything that the press handled — a calendar (with no “special dates” in December marked off), a driver’s license, copies of the Koran — is now tainted evidence, inadmissible in a court of law.

The landlord, shown below, denies having allowed anyone into the apartment, maintaining that the media “rushed” him.


According to the Blaze, CNN’s law enforcement analyst, Harry Houck, claims to have gotten “chills” watching members of the media contaminate the crime scene:

I don’t see any fingerprint dust on the walls where they went in there and checked for fingerprints for other people that might have been connected with these two. You’ve got documents laying all over the place; you’ve got shredded documents…. You have passports, you’ve got drivers’ licenses — now you have thousands of fingerprints all over inside this crime scene.

I am so shocked, I cannot believe it.

The public affairs officer at the San Bernardino’s Sheriff’s office also claimed to be in shock telling the Blaze he had “no clue” what was happening.


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