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I Married Bill Clinton and the Mob


Well you know what they say – don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the time. Well, evidently if you are willing to get your friends of felons and those in the mob to donate or vote for Hillary, she’s willing to take that risk and help you out. Who cares if you were in a drug ring or hijacked a plane, or a mob boss? Sounds like a deal – from one scumbag to another, right?


Here’s the story in Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton met with a Mafia heir who asked for his drug kingpin father to be released early from prison in exchange for votes, it has been revealed.

The former First Lady met Giovanni Gambino, the son of Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Gambino and the cousin of Carlo Gambino – the boss of the notorious crime family and one-time head of the American Mafia – while she was campaigning in the the presidential primary in 2007.


The Democratic front runner spoke to the crime author, who recently made headlines for saying he would protect New York from ISIS, at one of his pizzerias in Charleston, South Carolina.

The 41-year-old’s father, who was serving a 30-year prison sentence at the time, suggested he contact  Clinton to see if she could help with his early release through a presidential pardon.

In return, Giovanni Gambino would get his ‘connections’ in the restaurant business to vote for her and drum up support.

He also wanted the pair to discuss over-populated prisons – a policy she has championed in her latest presidential bid.

Clinton agreed and the pair met during her unsuccessful run for the 2008 Democratic nomination, and even posed for a picture with the mobster’s son.

Giovanni, who has also served time in a New York state prison, also got the chance to pose with her husband Bill for a picture.


In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail Online, Gambino said he has fond memories of the encounter.

‘When it has something to do with your family, you never forget it. She might have forgotten about it. She probably hears stories like that every day,’ he said.

‘But if you have a father that has been in prison for so long, you would go to the North Pole and back to get him out.’

‘I spoke to her about over-populated prisons. I said: “I’ve been there. I was in state prison. It looks like a farm, people can barely walk. It’s crazy. Why don’t you try and do something with these non-violent offenders.”

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What? Non-violent? Since when did a mob boss from the Gambino crime family become non-violent. The man hijacked a plane. He was involved in a massive-drug round up, racketeering, extortion, money laundering and everything else that associates with “organized crime”. Who knows how many people were “taken care of”. Get real! Speaking of real – the real reason Hillary is associated with these kind of people is because what she does is no different from them. She operates like a “mob boss”. If she needs to get rid of evidence – no problem – she will have someone take care of it. Human lives are not important, but votes are. Wake up people! If she has her way, all felons and criminals will be voting – she needs their votes that bad to win, and winning is everything to her.

As Gambino himself said – “Do the math these people have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandfathers. All these are votes”.’



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